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Super Easy Transit Do’s and Dont’s When Online Shopping in Indonesia

September 5, 2020



The Buyandship arm extends to Southeast Asia to help everyone buy Indonesian goods! With the Indonesian transshipment service, you can scan the goods in major Indonesian online stores. But remember to pay attention to the following precautions before placing an order, so you can buy with peace of mind and worry-free online shopping, and transship to Indonesia! Start your Indonesia Adventures at home with these notes in mind.



Indonesia Transit Dos

tick Watch out for exchange rates

The Indonesian currency is the Indonesian Rupiah. Most online shops will indicate the price with IDR or the symbol Rp. Please note that PHP 1.00  is roughly equal to IDR 307.42. It’s also worth noting to pay attention to the bank charges.

tick Watch out for jet lag

Want to snap up a flash offer? Pay attention to the time difference and race against time! Jakarta, the capital, has a one-hour time difference, while there is no time difference in central Bali. Please pay attention to when the limited-time offer actually ends!

tick Watch out for Indonesia discount season

The main local large discount period is the month of Ramadan, and the promotion is almost the time when the discount is the largest throughout the year, around the middle of the year. There will also be various discount days at other times. Check the Buyandship Facebook page to see the latest discount information!

tick Make good use of Google Translate

Most Indonesian online shops display Indonesian, and some can be converted to English. If you don’t have it, you’ll have to rely on Google. It is recommended that you use the Chrome browser when shopping online in the Indonesian online store. Even if the website does not have an English version, you can use Chrome to translate the entire web page into Chinese or English. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to use Google Translate.

tick Pay attention to the delivery time

The Indonesian transshipment service is tentatively scheduled to be shipped out once a week and is scheduled to be shipped out on Friday. If you want to receive your product as soon as possible, you must clip the time to shop online!

tick Pay attention to fill in the address and membership number position

Fill in the correct warehouse address. Please do not enter the membership number on the address. The membership number only needs to be filled in after the name.




Indonesia Transit Donts

cross Purchase prohibited products and exceed size limits

The prohibited items for Buyandship Indonesia’s transshipment service include all liquids, all powdered products, all battery-containing products, and all anti-epidemic and anti-epidemic products, and the size limit is that one side of the length, width, and height cannot exceed 100cm, or the sum of the three sides cannot exceed 150CM. If you exceed any of the above restrictions, you may have to pay additional fees, be rejected by the warehouse, return the shipment, fail to ship or be charged by volume.

cross Buy to pay products

As mentioned above, the warehouse will not pay any money on its behalf, and all deliveries will be rejected. If you want to receive your favorite as soon as possible, remember to pay all the money online!

cross Missing User ID Membership Number

When filling in the recipient information, be sure to double-check whether you have filled in your User ID. This is our method of identifying the shipment, so it is really very important! It must be filled in!