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Zappos US Member Video Reward Program 2022

April 4, 2022

Real People. Real Experiences.

Hi Buyandship Members, we have a NEW Zappos US focused promotion for our current active members to Earn More shipping credits for Php 1,000 per video of Zappos unboxing video! YOU are our INFLUENCERS! See mechanics below. The videos shall contain content at the minimum of:

  1. Unboxing
  2. Brief Tutorial to help Friends and Newbies on How to Use Buyandship
  3. Be as creative in your ideas! Be Helpful! Be Positive!

Learn more about our current influencer promo when you scroll down below~

For Reference: Good Sample Videos

You can also check #BNSVideo on Facebook or our Youtube Channel for more reference, but please note that the videos above are good examples based on our criteria.

Promo Mechanics

Step 1: Create a Zappos unboxing video with a Tutorial on How to Use Buyandship. Please note that each member can have up to 5 submissions. Only registered and verified (email and mobile) Buyandship members with valid transshipment orders between April 1, 2022 and May 15, 2022 may participate in this promotion.

Step 2:  Accomplish the Zappos US Buyandship Member Video Form ( per video submission, provide your Youtube or Facebook link on the form, and make sure your video meets the specifications below:

Video Format
• Video Codec: MPEG-4.
• Audio Codec: AAC, MP3.
• Resolution: 16×9 or 1080p (4:3 aspect ratio)
• Frame Rate: 24 – 30FPS.
• File Size: Max. 1 GB.
• Time: Minimum 3 mins to 10 mins Maximum

Step 3: Buyandship will evaluate the videos and confirm if the videos are a success and qualified.

Step 4: Once the submission is approved, Post on Your channel on Youtube and Facebook and Tag our social media accounts:

Step 5: Buyandship will send your earned credits to your account!

Terms & Conditions

1. Only registered and verified (email and mobile) Buyandship members with valid Zappos US transshipment orders between April 1, 2022 and May, 15 2022 may participate in this promotion with 2 maximum entries per member.
2. Qualifying members are invited to create their own unboxing and/or tutorial videos and earn PHP 1,000 in Buyadship shipping credits on accepted submissions.
3. Prior to submitting his/her video for review by Buyandship Philippines, a member must fill out and submit the Zappos US Buyandship Member Video Form:  Members who post videos without also submitting completed forms will not be eligible to receive credit rewards.
4. Each video must be first reviewed by Buyandship Philippines to ensure content quality and conformance to terms and conditions. Videos that are not first reviewed by Buyandship Philippines or videos that are deemed below standards will not be eligible to receive credit rewards. Each video that passes review and is approved will be rewarded with PHP 1,000 in Buyandship shipping credits. Credits cannot be exchanged for cash, gift cards, goods, or other items of comparable value.
5. We ask that Buyandship members abide by the following guidelines for their videos:

  • Be kind and courteous. Please refrain from making insulting or disparaging remarks about others.
  • No hate speech or bullying. We want to ensure that everyone feels safe and welcome. Bullying of any kind isn’t allowed, and degrading comments about race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender, identity, or similar topics will not be tolerated.
  • No promotions or spam. Competitor promotions, spam, and other irrelevant promotions are not allowed.
  • Be positive and have fun! Buyandship is about the joy of finally buying what you want directly from overseas.

6. Submissions must conform to the following technical standards:

  • Video format: MPEG-4
  • Audio format: AAC, MP3
  • Resolution: 16 x 9 or 1080p (4:3 aspect ratio)
  • Frame rate: 24 to 30 fps
  • File size: No larger than 1 GB
  • Video length: 3 to 10 minutes

7. Once a submission is approved, eligible members must upload their video to their own Youtube and Facebook accounts. All videos must be publicly available, and posted videos must tag Buyandship accounts. Videos that are not publicly available or do not tag Buyandship accounts will be ineligible to earn reward credits.

8. Buyandship Philippines reserves the right to reject any video submission for any reason at its sole discretion. After each rejection, Buyandship Philippines will explain the reasons for rejection and include recommendations for improvement. Members are welcome to revise and resubmit their video submissions. If a video submission is rejected five times, then no further revisions nor resubmissions from the Buyandship member will be accepted. The member will be thus ineligible to participate in this promotion.