Buyandship Shopping Guide: How Much Do I Have to Pay to Use Buyandship?

One of the frustrations of online shopping overseas is paying for expensive international shipping fees! Have you ever come across a situation when you’re about to checkout, only to find out that international shipping fees to the Philippines cost just as much as your cart? In some cases, it can even cost even more than your items!

If you’re tired of situations like that, Buyandship is here to remedy it through affordable forwarding service. Click inside to see how much we charge and how would you calculate an estimated chargeable shipping weight. 

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Buyandship Shopping Guide: How to Use Your Buyandship Shipping Credits

As you all know, you’ll get a FREE PHP 50 shipping credits when you sign up for FREE at Buyandship Philippines, these credits can be used upon checkout to lessen your BNS shipping fee and save more money! Check out the tutorial inside on how to use and earn shipping credits.

Haven’t signed up yet? Great news! Register now and get FREE PHP 100 credits instead when you use the Code: BNSPH100BW Hurry, though, this promotion is only for the entire month of June. 

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An Essential Guide to Buyandship Philippines

Using a Freight Service Forwarder can be a little bit overwhelming especially if you have 0 clue about cross border e-commerce. That’s why at Buyandship, we try our very best to make it way simpler and affordable for you. We wanted to EMPOWER YOU to buy products from all over the world and deliver them straight to your doorstep in the Philippines at the lowest shipping rate of PHP 300/ lb, same fee for all of our 10 locations worldwide. Scroll through to see everything you need to know about Buyandship and why we are the leading freight forwarder in the Philippines.   

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Buyandship Shopping Guide: How to Use Google Translate on Foreign Sites

Having to shop abroad can be a double-edged sword (1) is you get to online shop at hundreds of web stores from 10 regions across the world with minimal limitations, and (2) you don’t speak their local language. Thank you for Google Translate, right? But did you know that Google Translate has a chrome extension so, it automatically translates the whole page? Click inside to see the step-by-step guide on how to install and use the Google Translate Extension

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Why Should You Consolidate Your Shipments?

Paying for multiple international shipping fees for multiple shipments are such a hassle and super expensive! With Buyandship, this is something you no longer have to worry about. When your parcels arrived at our Hong Kong warehouse, you can choose whether to send your parcels individually or consolidate your items into one shipment! And the best part? You don’t have to pay for it, we have FREE Consolidation and Storage for 30 days.

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Buyandship Weight & Size Guide

At Buyandship, we charge you based on the actual weight of your parcel in pounds (lbs). When you ship your parcels to ANY of our ten (10) overseas warehouses, it will be FORWARDED to our Hong Kong warehouse first, before we deliver it straight to your home in the Philippines. 

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