Dynamite Performance in Grammys 2021 was Amazing! Proud of Our Boys! #BTSForever

BTS’s performance is part of the much-needed change toward increased respect for non-Western acts. Even though BTS went home empty-handed, BTS made a historic mark on the Academy with a high-energy, sharply-produced performance of “Dynamite.” Congrats still, Armys and BTS! Congrats to the winners of the Grammys as well! Let’s not spread hate and stay positive, this is just the beginning~ we know you are bound for greater things. Borahae!

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Buyandship Top Picks: K-Pop Merchandise | From South Korea to Philippines via Buyandship

K-pop craze has truly become a global phenomenon. Thanks to this craze, there is a breadth of K-pop merchandise in the market with new releases almost every week! Whether it’s RV Irene and Seulgi’s Monster, Blackpink’s How You Like That, Chungha’s Play, and more, K-Pop undeniably takes over the entertainment industry.

Keep up with K-pop new releases with Buyandship — you can now get your hands on your favorite merchandise without shelling big bucks for international shipping. Count on Buyandship to ship your purchases to your doorstep safely and affordably.

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