Important Announcement From Buyandship Philippines Team

After a wave of coronavirus-fueled panic buying, the operations of Buyandship’s overseas warehouses have now returned to normal except for the UK and China warehouses. However, due to the drastic reduction in the number of flights globally, most of the shipments are still being delayed. We sincerely hope and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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Shop From Sneakerlab UK and Ship to Philippines

Get the latest assortment of sneakers and clothing online from Sneakerlab! Find the latest range of Nike, Adidas, Converse, Puma & more of your favorite international brands.

You now have the power to shop from Sneakerlab USA and have it delivered in your doorstep in the Philippines. Buy authentic products, save a whole lot of money, and feel empowered with Buyandship.

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【Service Announcement】Australia Warehouse Bans Export of Protective Equipment

The Australian government has banned the export of protective equipment due to the spread of COVID-19. Therefore, our Australia warehouse will not export any protective equipment, including face masks, gloves, gowns, glasses and goggles, alcohol wipes, hand sanitizers, etc. If you have already placed an order of the above-mentioned goods in Australia, please cancel the order with your seller as soon as possible. Due to the special situation, Buyandship will provide parcel return service for those parcels arriving at our Australia warehouse. In order to facilitate you to arrange the parcel return, parcels can be temporarily stored in the warehouse for one month at most. Please note that any overdue parcels will be discarded. When you return your parcels, you can only return them in whole as parcels can not be split for further processing. For any parcel without a return label, members have to directly purchase the label from..

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Shop From Gmarket Korea and Ship To Philippines

If you love all things Korean, be it fashion, beauty, baby care or K-pop merchandise, you’ve probably heard of Gmarket. You can find almost anything on this South Korean e-commerce platform!

The Gmarket website comes in several languages including Korean and English so for easy navigating, make sure to register a Gmarket account using the English version. Take advantage of our South Korean Warehouse for more domestic market options and deals! They offer FREE shipping within Korea for a minimum order amount (or completely free sometimes) so be sure to look out for that.

Check out inside the step-by-step guide on how to buy your favorite Korean products using Buyandship!

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Shop From Barnes & Noble US and Ship to Philippines

We’re pretty sure a lot you have heard of the largest bookseller in the world, Barnes and Noble. And if you’re like us, who is tired of overpriced books in the Philippines, why don’t you try to buy directly in the country it was mass-produced for a cheaper price! 

Have your favorite books, manga, toys, and activity games shipped from Barnes and Noble straight to your doorstep in the Philippines. Let’s make our geek fantasy come true, and shop online at the biggest name in the bookselling industry.  

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Shop From Sephora US and Ship to Philippines

Honestly, putting makeup on is kind of therapeutic. And now that you have all the time in the world, you can actually take your time to get dolled up even if the only place you’ll go to is the kitchen.

What better way to paint your face on with the best products from the leading beauty web store in the world. Good thing there’s Buyandship because now, you have the power to buy your favorite beauty brands from Sephora USA. 

And since you’re directly buying in their online store in the US, it is guaranteed that what you’ll get is 100% authentic. Check out the step-by-step guide inside to see how you can purchase your favorite makeup products in Sephora US and send it to your home in no time at the lowest shipping rates.

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UK Warehouse Latest Update

Since the building where our UK warehouse is located has confirmed a COVID-19 case, all staff of our UK warehouse will be in self-isolation for 14 days. UK warehouse will maintain services of parcel receiving and checking-in for today and tomorrow. The cut-off date for sending out parcels from our UK warehouse is on March 31st. Starting from this Wednesday (April 1st), UK warehouse will be closed for 14 days, which means daily operation will be suspended, including parcels receiving, checking-in and sending out. Please stop using the UK warehouse for your transshipment. If you have any order on UK websites recently, we advise you to cancel the order(s), or contact the seller to postpone the date of delivery. Nevertheless, as a measure to protect our users from the potential loss regarding the suspension of parcel receiving, parcels delivered by Royal Mail will be signed, received and stored by the..

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【Service Announcement】Warehouses Service Status (Updated on March 29th)

The latest status of warehouses are as follows. Japan Our warehouse is operating as usual. Due to the great reduction of flights, please expect delays on all shipments, especially for those shipments containing food and liquid. The checking-in and checking out for these kinds of shipments will be longer than usual. Hence, we strongly advise members to not purchase any items containing liquids and food at this time. US Our warehouse is operating as usual. The recent restriction in Oregon does not affect the logistic service. However, please expect delays on shipments due to the reduction of flights. UK (Updated on March 29th) Since the building where our UK warehouse is located has confirmed a COVID-19 case, all staff of our UK warehouse will be in self-isolation for 14 days, starting from next Monday (March 30th). From now on, UK warehouse will temporarily suspend its daily operation, including receiving, checking-in..

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Korea Warehouse Shipping Info Update

In order to ensure that your goods is accurately delivered to our Korea warehouse and optimize the parcel processing service, we are updating the telephone number and the recipient name format of Korea warehouse. To prevent delays for your future parcels, we strongly advise you to change your Korean shipping info now.

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