Second Half of 2020! 10 Important Discount Events for Overseas Online Shopping Sites

Calling all shopping enthusiasts! Many people nowadays love online shopping, it’s practical and easier to find affordable yet stylish pieces at the comfort of your own home. Step up your online shopping game and access thousands of online shopping sites across 10 regions worldwide at the end of your fingertips.

Since this month marks the second half of 2020, we collated the biggest discount events all over the world like Black Friday, Amazon Prime, and more, so, you know what to look out and prepare for. Don’t forget to use Buyandship to have your favorite sale items shipped straight to your doorstep in the Philippines.

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Buyandship Shopping Guide: How to Use Google Translate on Foreign Sites

Having to shop abroad can be a double-edged sword (1) is you get to online shop at hundreds of web stores from 10 regions across the world with minimal limitations, and (2) you don’t speak their local language. Thank you for Google Translate, right? But did you know that Google Translate has a chrome extension so, it automatically translates the whole page? Click inside to see the step-by-step guide on how to install and use the Google Translate Extension

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Buyandship Shopping Guide: US Memorial Day Sales Tips and Reminders

On the last Monday in May, there will be a day off throughout the United States, and major online stores offer exciting and huge discounts! Memorial Day marks as one of the best times of the year for sales where you can shop appliances, outdoor gear, apparel, tech, and more for a discounted price!

You don’t have to wait for Black Friday or go outside your home to score big deals, you can buy it now using Buyandship and we’ll ship it straight to your door. Now, we know how exciting this is but first, take a look at tips and reminders to keep in mind during the ongoing sales.

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How to Add Your Delivery Addresses?

In your dashboard, you can create as many delivery addresses as you want to send to your home, workplace, friends, acquaintances, crushes, significant others, and many more! Here is a Step by Step on how to add your delivery addresses so you can send your individual shipments or consolidated shipments to that particular address.

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【Service Announcement】Relocation of Thai Warehouse

Our Thai warehouse has been officially opened and in operation from today. All parcels addressed to the previous location of our warehouse in Latkrabang will be delivered to the new location. To avoid any delivery delay or parcel loss, please update your Thai shipping address on shopping sites you used as soon as possible. The last day of receiving parcels of our previous warehouse will be on June 30th, 2020.

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