Price Comparison: Tech Products That Are Cheaper Abroad Than in the Philippines

Online shopping has made buying things easier. One of the most purchased items online and in the Buyandship community is tech gadgets which can be an expensive endeavor. Buying tech gadgets come with its challenges, such as choosing where to buy authentic products and which site can save you more money. Check out the price comparison we did between buying tech gadgets abroad and the Philippines. Look at how much you can save! The numbers don’t lie.

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Price Comparison: Online Shopping vs. In-Store Buying

Shopping online is a blessing. You don’t have to change your pajamas to go out, you don’t have to squeeze in with the crowd in the mall, and you don’t have to lug all of your purchased items to your home.

But there are some instances where you wanted to go in-store to check out certain items in person, we know, we’ve all been there. Sometimes, with online shopping, expectations aren’t met. Online Shopping and In-Store Buying both have cons and pros but either way, here are some tips to help you shop smarter.

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