Buyandship Top Picks: K-Pop Merchandise | From South Korea to Philippines via Buyandship

K-pop craze has truly become a global phenomenon. Thanks to this craze, there is a breadth of K-pop merchandise in the market with new releases almost every week! Whether it’s RV Irene and Seulgi’s Monster, Blackpink’s How You Like That, Chungha’s Play, and more, K-Pop undeniably takes over the entertainment industry.

Keep up with K-pop new releases with Buyandship — you can now get your hands on your favorite merchandise without shelling big bucks for international shipping. Count on Buyandship to ship your purchases to your doorstep safely and affordably.

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Replace These Things In Your Bathroom with Sustainable Alternatives From Amazon US

Change isn’t always easy. Whether you’re getting used to new social distancing guidelines or trying out innovative workout sessions, altering your normal habits can be complicated. Now, let’s turn the focus on your bathroom.

Common bathroom products, like toilet paper, cotton swabs, and baby wipes, are a convenience for people around the world, but they come at a cost to the environment. These products take centuries to biodegrade and contribute to our growing problem of carbon emissions. Luckily, there are great eco-friendly alternatives to these common bathroom products that will not break your budget.

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Last Minute US Independence Day Deals and Discount Codes

Fourth of July may be over but the deals and discounts offered by international shopping sites in honor of the event are definitely not. Tons of your favorite retailers are doing their patriotic duty by offering up phenomenal deals that extend up today! Don’t be afraid to order directly from the US because with Buyandship, we’ll deliver your goods safely all the way to your doorstep in the Philippines. Check out the few stores we collated that still have Independence Day Sale!

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Best and Affordable US Outdoor Equipment Online Sites To Shop This 4th of July Weekend Sale

With the rising awareness of health and exercise due to the pandemic, outdoor activities and exercising are becoming more and more popular in the Philippines. Therefore, many international outdoor brands have sniffed business opportunities and entered the consumer market in the Philippines, and some goods they offer can be quite costly.

Of course, smart consumers know that they need to go to a foreign website and have it shipped in the Philippines using Buyandship. Many products are sold at an outlet price on top of the best deals happening right now due to the 4th of July Weekend Sale. We compiled the most popular outdoor equipment website for Buyandship members this year. Let’s take a quick look at the great deals they currently offer.

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All The Best 4th of July Sales Happening Now | Have Your Items Shipped in the PH via Buyandship

The best 4th of July sales 2020 is almost here and, just as in the previous years, the bargains won’t just be happening on the day. In fact, there are a host of great deals and savings already surfacing now for you to take advantage of for about a week after. As the sale celebration for US independence is finally ongoing, hundreds of retailers lay massive savings for you, and we’ve collected the best here.

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Home Decor Websites You Can Shop From Without Going Broke

Shopping for home decor can be so damn expensive. Like, a tiny bookend could set you back hundreds of dollars. And don’t even get me started on curtains! But even with those annoyingly high prices, it wouldn’t ruin my dreams of living like a fancy rich lady and you shouldn’t either. If you know where to shop, you can find incredibly chic home decor at I’m-on-a-budget-and-I’m-sticking-to-it prices. Check out the list of cheap home decor sites we collated for you. Go get those home goodies without breaking the bank!

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LGBTQ+ Narratives: Books By Queer POC Protagonist to Diversify Your Reading List

Though the nation is beginning to take steps toward the “New Normal,” the reality remains that we have a long way to go to empowering underrepresented and oppressed demographics, LGBTQ+ individuals included.

With this year’s Pride coinciding with nationwide protests about racism, police brutality, and Black people being killed unjustly, it’s imperative to reflect on history and all the Black queer and trans activists that forged the modern queer liberation movement. If you’re looking for a way to honor Pride in quarantine, educate yourself about their struggles and stand with them in the fight against oppression. We list down LGBTQ Books With A POC Protagonist to get you started.

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