Final Call: Australia End Of The Financial Year Sale | Top 8 Shopping Sites

Australia’s favorite online shopping stores are going big with the end of financial year sale – featuring anything and everything you can imagine Now, that the event is almost over, we’ve rounded up Top 8 Australian Shopping Sites for you to shop and take advantage of.

Want to save on international shipping? Ship your order to Buyandship’s warehouse in Sydney and let us ship it to your address in the Philippines for the lowest shipping rate of PHP 300 per pound.

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Top US Brands to Visit and Look Out For This Coming US Independence Day

The United States is definitely the online shopping paradise in the world~ Authentic American brands offer affordable products that are relatively cheaper than if we buy it here in the Philippines. There are also popular brands and products that are exclusive only in America. Don’t worry, that’s why we’re here for! Don’t limit your online shopping experience locally and try out overseas online shopping with Buyandship Philippines.

Have your favorites items shipped straight to your door in the Philippines at the lowest shipping rate of PHP 300 per pound. One more thing: Did you know that our US Warehouse Address is located in a Sales Tax Free Zone so, you won’t have to pay US tax when shopping abroad. Here’s a list of Top US Websites to get you started.

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At-Home Yoga Workouts That is Changing The Fitness Culture For The Long Term

Today, we celebrate International Yoga Day to highlight the benefits of yoga and because of the pandemic, we are forced to find workout alternatives that are changing the fitness culture, probably for the long term. Digital yoga classes can make exercising easier — according to a survey conducted by Pollfish and Bustle, 33% of Gen Z and millennials are working out more since they’ve been stuck at home.

But just as demand for virtual fitness has never been higher, instructors and experts say the coronavirus is accelerating changes in workout culture — an increase in cheap, virtual options and a desire for convenience — that were set in motion way before the pandemic. Check out the Best Yoga Youtube Channels and Best Brands for Yoga Equipment to get you started.

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Amazon Picks of the Week: Overstocked Outlet

Amazon remains to be the top shopping site for most of our users, and all for the right reasons. From practical tech to apparel, it’s your one-stop-shop to find the best affordable alternative. In case you didn’t know, Amazon has a section on their site that’s filled with discounted overstocked products. We went through the page to find you their best stuff! Click inside to see what we’ve got.

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Second Half of 2020! 10 Important Discount Events for Overseas Online Shopping Sites

Calling all shopping enthusiasts! Many people nowadays love online shopping, it’s practical and easier to find affordable yet stylish pieces at the comfort of your own home. Step up your online shopping game and access thousands of online shopping sites across 10 regions worldwide at the end of your fingertips.

Since this month marks the second half of 2020, we collated the biggest discount events all over the world like Black Friday, Amazon Prime, and more, so, you know what to look out and prepare for. Don’t forget to use Buyandship to have your favorite sale items shipped straight to your doorstep in the Philippines.

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KitchenAid Just Launched a Line of Cordless Countertop Appliances

KitchenAid is now cutting the cord –  literally because the well-trusted brand just announced an innovative collection that will totally transform the way we function in our kitchens. Case in point: KitchenAid’s new line of cordless appliances, which gives you the freedom and flexibility to meal prep wherever you want! Click inside and take a closer look at each featured collection.

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Father’s Day Deals 2020 | Last Minute Finds

Father’s Day is just around the corner, but this year people will need to be creative with how they celebrate the occasion under lockdown. There won’t be a lot of opportunities to shop due to the area restrictions and if you’re in no rush to get Dad the best gift possible, try overseas online shopping and take advantage of all the ongoing Father’s Day Deals that are happening right now.  

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Top Online Websites For Pet Products

We shop for ourselves online all the time now. From sporting goods to household needs to clothing and accessories, some shop for online deals daily. Browsing and buying pet supplies should be no different. Whether you want to get Sachi a new bone, buy Fluffy a new collar, or simply find the cheapest pet food delivery option, these online pet stores can give you the selections and deals you need.

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Best Japanese Kitchenwares

There is something addictive about Japanese cutlery and other kitchenware- from Japanese appliances to Japanese, you can’t deny that there is a particular feel in Japanese kitchen tools that you won’t find in any kitchen anywhere else in the world. We searched high and low to come up with a list of the best kitchenware shops in Japan, click inside to learn more.

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