eBay Editors’ July Picks | eBay Free Shipping Program is Back with New Terms & Conditions!

We launched a campaign last April that can earn you 2 Pounds of Free Shipping if you complete a qualifying order worth at least USD50 from eBay, ship it to our US warehouse, and declare your shipment correctly. We paused the eBay Promotion last July 1st and now it’s finally back with new terms and conditions!

While assuring our best shipping services at all time for you is of utmost importance, we know how crucial it is to assist you in getting the best deals from millions of products, and of course, the most reputable sellers on eBay– that’s why our editor has analyzed products which our users shop most on eBay and here is a roundup of the recommended eBay sellers of those most sought-after products!

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Hundreds of US Online Shops are Having Major Summer Discounts Right Now! | Deliver via Buyandship

Did you know that our USA Warehouse is the top country most Buyandship Users send their shipments to? That’s probably not a surprise since the United States is definitely considered as one of the online shopping paradises of the world! A lot of  US brands offer affordable products that are relatively cheaper than if we buy it here in the Philippines. If you ever wanted to shop directly from US but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on international shipping cost, don’t worry! Have your favorites items shipped straight to your door in the Philippines via Buyandship at the lowest shipping rate of PHP 300 per pound!

One more thing: Did you know that our US Warehouse Address is located in a Sales Tax-Free Zone so, you won’t have to pay US tax when shopping abroad. Here’s a list of Top US Websites to get you started.

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Buyandship Top Picks: K-Pop Merchandise | From South Korea to Philippines via Buyandship

K-pop craze has truly become a global phenomenon. Thanks to this craze, there is a breadth of K-pop merchandise in the market with new releases almost every week! Whether it’s RV Irene and Seulgi’s Monster, Blackpink’s How You Like That, Chungha’s Play, and more, K-Pop undeniably takes over the entertainment industry.

Keep up with K-pop new releases with Buyandship — you can now get your hands on your favorite merchandise without shelling big bucks for international shipping. Count on Buyandship to ship your purchases to your doorstep safely and affordably.

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Shop Your Favorite Products From Taobao China | Deliver via Buyandship

Taobao is full of amazing deals and affordable must-haves, from clothing, accessories, electronics, to homeware goods, there is nothing you can’t shop at Taobao. If you also want to shop at Taobao, this handy step by step shopping tutorial will help you! We will walk you trough browsing, purchasing method, and the best thing: with Buyandship you can ship everything from our China warehouse to your doorstep in the Philippines!

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How to Shop on Newegg US and Ship it to Your Doorstep in the Philippines

Did you know that Newegg is one of the top sites, most Buyandship members go to? It’s the leading tech-focused e-retailer in North America, with a global reach that offers a comprehensive selection of the latest consumer electronics, entertainment, smart home, and gaming products. If you’re planning to buy a tech component that isn’t available in the Philippines, you can snag them in Newegg and have them shipped straight to your door in the Philippines via Buyandship! Click inside to see the step-by-step guide we laid out for you.

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Replace These Things In Your Bathroom with Sustainable Alternatives From Amazon US

Change isn’t always easy. Whether you’re getting used to new social distancing guidelines or trying out innovative workout sessions, altering your normal habits can be complicated. Now, let’s turn the focus on your bathroom.

Common bathroom products, like toilet paper, cotton swabs, and baby wipes, are a convenience for people around the world, but they come at a cost to the environment. These products take centuries to biodegrade and contribute to our growing problem of carbon emissions. Luckily, there are great eco-friendly alternatives to these common bathroom products that will not break your budget.

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Last Minute US Independence Day Deals and Discount Codes

Fourth of July may be over but the deals and discounts offered by international shopping sites in honor of the event are definitely not. Tons of your favorite retailers are doing their patriotic duty by offering up phenomenal deals that extend up today! Don’t be afraid to order directly from the US because with Buyandship, we’ll deliver your goods safely all the way to your doorstep in the Philippines. Check out the few stores we collated that still have Independence Day Sale!

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Best and Affordable US Outdoor Equipment Online Sites To Shop This 4th of July Weekend Sale

With the rising awareness of health and exercise due to the pandemic, outdoor activities and exercising are becoming more and more popular in the Philippines. Therefore, many international outdoor brands have sniffed business opportunities and entered the consumer market in the Philippines, and some goods they offer can be quite costly.

Of course, smart consumers know that they need to go to a foreign website and have it shipped in the Philippines using Buyandship. Many products are sold at an outlet price on top of the best deals happening right now due to the 4th of July Weekend Sale. We compiled the most popular outdoor equipment website for Buyandship members this year. Let’s take a quick look at the great deals they currently offer.

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