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Introduction to Buyandship Philippines

January 14, 2020

Hi to everyone who has clicked on this article. A big WELCOME from all of us at Buyandship Philippines! We hope to serve you by enabling you to buy products from all over the world and deliver them straight to your doorstep!

First and foremost, we would like to introduce to you the concept of Cross Border E-commerce. What is Cross Border E-commerce?

Cross Border E-commerce is a phenomenon that is gaining huge momentum as customers (like YOU) have demands on purchasing products all over the world. Remember always window-shopping online on your laptop or mobile and wishing there was a way for you to ship straight to your doorstep? Many international online stores may either not provide international shipping or the international shipping fee may be extremely high. This is where we come in!

We have created a solution for you with Buyandship to buy online products abroad! We were established in 2014, and concentrated on developing our 12 warehouse locations all over the world for your shopping needs. We have established a network of warehouses in U.S. Canada, U.K., Japan, South Korea, Australia, Indonesia, Italy, Thailand, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. So now all you have to do is start an account with us, get your warehouse addresses, and begin shopping online.

We also made it so efficient that the cost you are paying is the lowest shipping fee in the Philippines:

DDU pricing = Php 620 1st LB succeeding LBs is Php 380 / LB Delivery Duties Unpaid (DDU)

DDP pricing = Php 620 / LB Delivery Duties Paid (DDP)

Pricing is purely on weight, no hidden fees, or charges. Your parcels get shipped straight to your home.

Click HERE to learn more about DDP vs DDU pricing comparison table.

What? Yup, you heard it right! No matter which warehouse location it is all over the world, you can visit your favorite online websites in that country and begin to shop! Guess what? There is another surprise. We will deliver straight to your doorstep in the Philippines! No need to hassle yourself in traffic anymore!