English online shopping websites in South Korea


Koreans are professionals when it comes to 홈쇼핑 “Home Shopping”,  and you’ve probably heard of a few websites already to shop from. But these websites are mostly in full Korean (which you can still access via Google translate chrome extension), so if you’re not fluent yet, we found you some Korean online shopping malls in English. Whether you’re looking for fashion, cosmetics, or Kpop items, they’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of the best websites that will make your life easier and cheaper in Korea. Buyandship provides you with your Korean warehouse address which you can use to deliver straight to your home in the Philippines. 🙂


English Online Shopping Sites in South Korea


1.  Gmarket – Global.gmarket.co.kr



Gmarket is the most famous and Korea’s number 1 online shopping site. Lucky for you, Gmarket is available in English and can ship to the Philippines to your doorstep via Buyandship (use your Buyandship Korean warehouse address). Global Gmarket sells pretty much everything, with categories including Fashion and Beauty, Baby and Kids, Household Supplies, Home and Kitchen, KPOP goodies, Sports, Digital and Electronics.

All types of payment methods are accepted such as foreign credit cards, Paypal, etc.


2.  11th street Korea – global.11st.co.kr



11th Street is another nice website to shop from. It is available both in Korean and English and delivers everywhere in Korea (use your Buyandship Korean warehouse address to deliver to your home in the Philippines). Like Gmarket, you will find all the categories you can think of, with a large choice of items to choose from. For a nicer and easier “home shopping” experience, you can download their app on Play Store or Apple Store.


3.  Interpark Korea – Globalinterpark.com



Interpark is really famous in Korea, and one of the go-to home shopping websites. Like its Korean counterpart, Interpark Global provides all types of goods, but the English website is more focused on selling concert tickets and K-pop goodies. You will still be able to shop for fashion, makeup and skincare, electronics and many more. Interpark also has an app on the Play Store or Apple Store. Use your Buyandship Korean warehouse address to deliver to the Philippines.


4.  Yesstyle – Yesstyle.com



Yesstyle is well known outside of Korea for Korean fashion and beauty. This website ships fashion, beauty, accessories, and lifestyle (arts and crafts, sports, homeware, etc.) products. For Japan enthusiasts, the website also offers Japanese fashion, beauty and lifestyle products. Use your Buyandship Korean warehouse address to deliver to the Philippines.


5.  iHerb Korea – Kr.iherb.com



iHerb Korea is well known to foreigners trying to engage in a healthy lifestyle in Korea. The website provides mostly vitamins, supplements, sports supplements (protein shakes, etc), and even herbs, homeopathy and cosmetics made of natural ingredients. For mothers living in Korea, a large section of the website is dedicated to baby and kids, skincare, supplements, diapers, and many more. Use your Buyandship Korean warehouse address to ship to your doorstep in the Philippines.


6.  Costco Korea – Costco.co.kr



If you’ve been to one of the Costco stores, you know how it works, but this tidbit you probably didn’t know. You can also find all their products on their online shopping mall. For those who don’t know Costco, the store sells electronics, healthy supplements, fashion, etc. The only problem though is you need to be a member of Costco. You can apply for membership or find a Korean friend with membership and begin shopping at amazing values which is usually the best in wholesale price for a lot of products. If you sign up with Buyandship, use Buyandship’s Korean warehouse address as your shipping address to deliver to your home in the Philippines.


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