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Kobe Tribute: Buyandship’s Picks for Best Kobe Shoes of All Time

January 29, 2020

Kobe is a legend. Kobe is inspirational. Kobe has a place in everyone’s heart.

We all love the legend who was arguably the best player of all time and dedicated his life to the perfection of basketball. When you watch him play every night, he would give his 1000% whether he had a great supporting cast or a terrible supporting cast. That is essentially who he was: someone who doesn’t whine, doesn’t complain, doesn’t give up, takes on the criticism from people and uses it against his opponents. He had the tenacity and determination that we do not see nowadays and probably won’t see for a long time. He believed in one thing, and that is………WINNING!

For basketball players, fans, and anyone who has put on a pair of shoes to play the game, everyone knows that playing shows someone’s real character. Kobe showed this every night with his love for competition and winning that even while injured, he would not give up. That is character ladies and gentlemen, and that is an approach to life we all should strive to do. His play transcends the basketball court and has impacted many lives on and off the court.

We wrote this article to pay tribute to the legend. At this time we have heard many of his merchandise has been selling out but Nike will be working on catching up with demand. Don’t fret, there are also many alternatives like Amazon, StockX, and eBay, where you can purchase your favorite Kobe memorabilia to honor him.

We have highlighted below Kobe’s Top 5 best shoes of all time from our perspective. We hope you enjoy the choices and always keep the MAMBA Mentality, Kobe fans!

Nike Kobe 11 (XI) Elite Low

The eleventh and final signature sneaker for Kobe Bryant’s playing career, the Kobe 11 debuted in 2015. The sneaker features a Flyknit upper, full-length drop-in Lunarlon, and visible Nike Zoom Air in the heel.

Nike Kobe A.D. NXT

Kobe Bryant teamed up with longtime Kobe line footwear designer Eric Avar to create the Kobe A.D. NXT. These Kobe shoes implement a no-tie toggle lacing system, which involves the upper shroud wrapping around the foot to ensure a tight lockdown.

Nike Kobe A.D. Mid

This was co-created by designer Ross Klein and Kobe Bryant himself.  The mid debuted in five monochromatic colorways that represent the five emotions that make up the Mamba Mentality.

Nike Kobe Mamba Focus

This was designed to provide increased energy return as you give it your all on the court. These low-top shoes are equipped with a Phylon midsole with a forefoot Zoom Air unit. This cushioning setup provides responsive reactions and cushions against hard landings. Traction.

Nike Kobe Mamba Rage

Men’s Nike Mamba Rage Basketball Shoe honors his legend with emotion and innovation. Flyweave upper construction provides targeted comfort and support, while its drop-in Lunarlon foam midsole and micro-tread traction deliver unparalleled underfoot performance.

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