Dress and Dash: Corporate Essentials When You’re Running Late



Life is too short to wear boring clothes at work!

Face it – at times you can be like the many Filipinos that wake up on a workday with less than 10 mins to spare. Your first instinct is to grab the garments on top of your drawer. Who has time these days to mix and match clothes on a daily basis?

But the act of grabbing the first thing in the closet may cause many moments of regret later on. So, check your wardrobe now and make sure you have these corporate essentials that would greatly help you especially if you’re running late!


For Women



White button-down


Image and Product from Fashion Nova


We will always reiterate how versatile this simple piece of garment is. Pair it with almost anything and you are good to go!


Pants or Trousers


Image and Product from Of Mercer


As long as you have well-fitted pants or trousers made out of the right material, then you are office-ready. They’re also comfortable most especially for those on-the-go. Trend tip: culottes and palazzos are a head-turner!




Image and Product from Fashion Nova


When in doubt, always go for a blazer! You can wear it over a dress for formal events or wear it over a shirt and jeans for a casual feel. Whatever event it is you need to attend to, a blazer will always make you look polished.


Tailored dresses


Image and Product from ASOS


Running late or just lazy to mix and match? Then invest in a go-to office dress that’s well-fitted.


Closed Shoes


Image and Product From ASOS


Many companies require closed shoes as part of the dress code. That’s perfectly fine because they look proper and are comfortable. If you want your feet to look slender, go for pointy shoes.

You can add a few inches of heels to look taller which are perfect for meetings.


For Men



Long Sleeves Buttondown


Image and Product from Ralph Lauren


The same principle with the ladies, the buttondown is a versatile piece. Especially the long-sleeved ones, button-downs make you look clean and professional.




Image and Product from Gap Factory


We do agree that fit is the biggest factor when buying a pair of pants. As long as you have a well-tailored pair of pants, you already look clean enough.

Find the right type for you; will it be slim fit, straight cut or skinny? Now that’s up to you!



Image and Product from Old Navy


This is the essential outerwear you should have in your wardrobe. You probably even wore it during your job interview. Store it properly and iron it well when you’re about to wear it to look extra tidy and professional.


Leather shoes


Image and Product from Tommy Hilfiger


Men’s shoes can have lots of styles, but the leather ones are those that are office-appropriate. Whether it be brogues, boat shoes, oxfords, derbies or whatsoever, as long as it’s leather, you are work-ready.


Note: We hope you loved the products we recommended! We just wanted to clarify that we do not claim ownership regarding the products and images played above, credits are due to the respective companies featured at the bottom of each image.



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