New Skills and Hobbies You Can Learn While You’re Stuck At Home



If you’re lucky enough to self-quarantine and work from home during the current pandemic, we bet you’re undoubtedly bored right now. And maybe that is not a bad thing, get your creative juices flowing and check out these new skills and hobbies you should learn right now while you’re stuck at home!



Hand Lettering/ Calligraphy



Develop elegant handwriting that’ll make people think your homemade card was store-bought. Start your practice with Hand Lettering 101 that you can get at Amazon for only PHP 564.38, no experience needed! 

Take this opportunity to settle yourself down, make yourself a cup of coffee, and learn how to make your own unique and elegant hand-lettered creations!






If staying at home has you feeling a little gloomy, this embroidery set with colorful patterns might help bloom your day. Thread your way to a masterpiece at the comfort of your own home! 

The kit includes a 20cm Embroidery hoop, Cotton Aida with a pattern, Color Threads, Embroidery needles, and Easy-to-Follow Instructions. Enjoy cross-stitch fun and get this set at Amazon for only PHP 543.30



Not Killing Your House Plant



Greeb Thumb or not, read up on how to be a better plant parent with this super helpful book. Whether you’ve ever been guilty of accidentally killing your green babies or not, How Not To Kill Your Houseplant can help you create the little greenhouse of your dreams. 

Start not killing your house plant by getting this book at Amazon for only PHP 611.15



Play a Ukelele


Become a master ukelele player with this beginner kit if you’ve always wanted to learn an instrument but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars for a guitar or clarinet. The kit includes a ukelele, a carrying bag, an easy-to-follow instruction guide, and access to a smartphone app and tuner. Get them all now at Amazon for PHP 3,782.56


Learn a New Language



Pick up a language or two using the Duolingo app. No, you don’t need to take a college language class and no, you don’t need to revisit your high school French notes. Just download the free app and you’re all set to speak the language you’ve always wanted to learn. 



Draw Animals



Step up your stick-figure drawing game and transform yourself into an artist with this step-by-step book. You’ll learn techniques for creating more detailed animal drawings. Let’s impress ourselves with animal drawings and get this now at Amazon for only PHP 405.55



Pasta Making



Since you can’t go out to an incredible Italian restaurant, learn how to bring the restaurant to your kitchen! Practice your pasta-making skills with this ravioli press and easily stuff your pasta squares with whatever you want! Hmm, Bon Appetite!

Get it now at Amazon for only PHP 771.01



Widen Your Vocabulary



Increase your vocabulary with this book of 50 easy Monday Crossword Puzzles. The easier puzzles might make you feel like a ~vocab. pro~ and the harder ones will motivate you to keep your brain engine running! And for those who are wondering, yes, you can answer this on other days too.

Get it now at Amazon for only PHP 513.49



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