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Shop From Sephora US and Ship to Philippines

April 1, 2020

Honestly, putting makeup on is kind of therapeutic. And now that you have all the time in the world, you can actually take your time to get dolled up even if the only place you’ll go to is the kitchen.

What better way to paint your face on with the best products from the leading beauty web store in the world. Good thing there’s Buyandship because now, you have the power to buy your favorite beauty brands from Sephora USA.

And since you’re directly buying in their online store in the US, it is guaranteed that what you’ll get is 100% authentic. Check out the step-by-step guide below to see how you can purchase your favorite makeup products in Sephora US and send it to your home in no time at the lowest shipping rates.

[ Did you know that Buyandship’s warehouse address is in a US sales tax-free location? Shop now and save more with Buyandship ]

How to Buy Your Favorite Makeup Products Using Buyandship

Step 01: Go To Sephora’s Landing Page

Are you tired of getting the same makeup brands again and again? Try something new with Sephora US! Featuring nearly 300 brands, Sephora is a beauty haven for everyone out there. Click here to be redirected to Sephora.

Step 02: Browse and Shop Your Favorite Makeup Products

The world is yours! Whether you’re craving for a highlighter or bomb lip gloss, Sephora has it. Start browsing your favorite products, you could take all the time you need 🙂

Step 03: Review Your Cart and Hit ‘Checkout’

Once you’re happy with your finds, double-check everything! You wanted to make sure that you really got the best, and when you’re okay with everything, click ‘Checkout’ You can choose to create an account, or checkout as a guest. Whatever you want!

Pro Tip: Sephora gives 2 Free Sample for every order, so make sure to take advantage of that and select 2 Free Samples before you checkout!

Step 04: Upon Check-Out, Enter Shipping Details

In the shipping address section,

  • Enter your actual name, in the first name section and then enter your Buyandship USER ID for the last name.
  • Next, enter the entirety of Buyandship’s U.S. warehouse address.

In order to get Buyanship’s US Warehouse address, log in to your Buyandship account, under the ‘Overseas Warehouse Address’ section, click on the ‘US’ Tab and voila! All you have to do is just copy and paste. Once you are done filling out the shipping section, click “Save & Continue to proceed to payment.

Step 05: Go back to Sephora’s Check Out Page to Pay via Paypal

Unfortunately, Sephora USA doesn’t accept the Philippines’ credit/debit card. But they do accept Paypal method, you can choose to pay directly from your Paypal’s balance or you can link your credit/debit card to your account to pay.

Sephora usually offers FREE Shipping if your purchase reached $50 and above, but sometimes they do offer FREE shipping with no minimum purchase required so, make sure to look out for those.

Please note: We’ve been getting some reports of Sephora payments not going through. If you’re still having problems with payment~ Did you know that we have a service that can address that issue? It’s called Buyforyou.

Buyforyou is a buying service for our members who cannot buy using their credit cards in the US and Hong Kong stores. There are some stores that do not allow foreign credit cards, may need mobile OTP, or have complicated checkout protocols, now you can use Buyforyou! Check it on your member dashboard in the toggle menu or in the member center. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

Step 06: Click ‘Place Order’ and Wait For Order Confirmation

Once you’re done, Sephora will automatically give you an order number and send you an email regarding your order. This will serve as your tracking code.

If you have a Sephora account, you can check out the status of your order through the ‘Track Order’ button on the upper right corner of the webpage. But if you checkout as a guest, you can track your order here.

Step 07: Declare Your Shipment

The order number you get from the last step will serve as your tracking code,  log in to your Buyandship Account and input that code to declare your shipment. Here’s a more comprehensive guide on how to do that:

  • Go to ‘Parcel Management’
  • Under My Shipment, click ‘Add a Shipment’
  • Enter the Warehouse you ship it to, in this case, select ‘Portland, Oregon’
  • Enter your Tracking Number
  • Fill out the Product Details (Click ‘Add New Item’ if you bought multiple items)
  • Check all of the Terms and Conditions
  • Hit ‘Submit’

If you wanted a more elaborate explanation of how to do it, click here.

Step 08: Wait For Your Parcel To Be in Parcel Management “Arrived At HK Warehouse”

Once it is in “Arrived at HK warehouse” in My Order, you can checkout your shipments separately or consolidate your shipments (not separate items) by ticking on the box next to your tracking number. Once each shipment arrives HK warehouse you have free consolidation services and 42 days of storage. If you want to checkout, fill out the checkout details, and proceed to payment.

Step 09: Pay for Buyandship’s Shipping Rate

We charge purely based on weight so, you don’t have to compute for complicated math equations. Plus, we have the lowest shipping rate in the Philippines! We have 2 Pricing Options: Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU) and Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) Check out the Features of DDP and DDU on the images below:

This goes without saying that if your parcel weighs exactly or less than 1 pound, we only charge you the designated amount but if the weight exceeds 1 pound, we round it up. But don’t worry because you always have the choice to consolidate your items to maximize your money- that’s a whole other conversation so it’s best if you just read more about consolidation here.

Once you get notified that you’re parcel is in our HK Warehouse, all you need to do is pay the service fee before we process it. Buyandship only accepts Internationally accepted Mastercard or Visa or Virtual Cards for a safer and faster way to pay.

➡️ Learn More About Our DDP Pricing Option HERE

Step 10: Wait For Your Parcel To Arrive in Your Doorstep in the Philippines

Finally! All you have to do is sit, relax, and wait for your parcel to arrive at your doorstep in the Philippines. You can now amp up your makeup skills and do things you’ve never done before.