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Top eBay Products This April | Buyandship x eBay Free Shipping Promotion

April 20, 2020

We recently launched a promotion that would get you 2 pounds of FREE Shipping if you complete a qualifying order worth at least $50 from a US Seller, have it shipped in our US Warehouse and declared it properly.

We know how crucial it is to assist you in getting the best best deals from millions of product so we pick out the top 5 deals on eBay for the month of April.


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  • We do not overcharge since our shipping rate is purely based on weight
  • We enable you to shop in 10 (U.S., U.K., JAPAN, KOREA, ITALY, AUSTRALIA, CHINA, HONGKONG, TAIWAN, AND THAILAND) locations worldwide
  • We have FREE consolidation service and FREE storage of shipment up to 30 days
  • We shipped your favorite items from abroad straight to your doorstep in the Philippines
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  • Save money by taking advantage of great deals only happening abroad

Top 5 eBay Deals of April 2020

1. Dyson Cordless Vacuum

eBay | Dyson

Original Price: $499.99 or PHP 25,406.39

Discounted Price: $159.99 or PHP 8,129.70

👉 SAVE 68% | SHOP NOW 

Dyson has been the most trusted brand in the US when it comes to innovative cleaning appliance and sometimes it can get really expensive. This Dyson V7 Cordless Stick Vacuum has 75% more brush bar power that is engineered for all floor types that cleans even the ground-in dirt. Get it at eBay for a cheaper price!

2. Bose Wireless Speaker

eBay | Bose

Original Price: $199.95 or PHP 10,162.25

Discounted Price: $99.95 or PHP 5,078.84

👉 SAVE 50% | SHOP NOW 

The SoundTouch 10 wireless music system is the easiest way to play music throughout your home. Plus, it’s so small, you can place it just about anywhere to stream millions of songs – all with full, rich sound. You can even play your favorite music instantly, without a phone or tablet. Simply press one of six presets on the speaker or remote, and the music starts.

3. New Balance Classic 993

eBay | Joe’s New Balance Outlet

Original Price: $174.99 or PHP 8,891.91

Discounted Price: $164.99 or PHP 8,383.77


The 993 mixes elements from the New Balance 991 and New Balance 992 while adding enhanced cushioning for a modern-day feel. It also features responsive cushioning and premium materials ready for a run or all-day wear, this is one of the main reasons why 993 is loved by celebrities around the world!

4. Ralph Lauren Hoodie Jacket

eBay | BrandJC17 (99.8% Positive Feedback)

Original Price: $150.00 or PHP 7,622.07

Discounted Price: $58.90 or PHP 2,992.93

👉 SAVE 61% | SHOP NOW 

This Ralph Lauren hoodie jacket is even cheaper than the one in its official website, simple hoodie design with classic logo which will fit in well anywhere!

5. Klipsch Wireless Earbuds

eBay | Worldwidestereo (99.8% Positive Feedback)

Original Price: $199.00 or PHP 10,111.94

Discounted Price: $99.99 or PHP 5,080.87

👉 SAVE 49% | SHOP NOW 

The Klipsch Wireless Earbuds is the ultimate combination of comfort, design, efficiency that has acoustic clarity. It’s one of the best!

Note: We hope you loved the products we recommended! We just wanted to clarify that the prices are accurate and items in stock as stated in the time of publication. We do not own any of the pictures and products above. All credits are due to the respective eBay and its respective sellers.

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