Quaranthings: Best Home Gadgets of 2020



If you’re on a mission to make sure you have the most up-to-date home this year, don’t stop with decorating. Having the right tech gadgets can make all the difference, too. Here’s our top pick of best home gadgets for the year 2020



Best Home Gadgets of 2020


1. Sharper Image Massage Pillow


Urban Outfitters

$ 68.00 or PHP 3,451.37


Ease away the stress of the day by treating yourself to a massage whenever at home! All thanks to this pillow from Sharper Image. This massaging microfiber pillow features two rollers and a heat-up function for targeted pressure and elastic strap so you can easily wrap it around anywhere!


2. UV Smartphone Sanitizer



$ 120.00 or PHP 6,090.66


Disinfect germs on your phone for 3 minutes! Casetify’s high-efficiency UV Sanitizer kills germs on your smartphone with six Mercury-free UV lamps inside. Breathe easy knowing your beloved phone is safe from germs.



3. Sleep Headphones and Eye Mask


Amazon US

$ 22.59 or PHP 1,146.57


This Sleep headphones mask adopted 3D Ergonomic Technology for eyes area and block out 100% of light to create an absolute dark zone and listen to music without wearing additional headphones for your sweet deep sleep. It’s perfect for home, office, air travel, relaxation, mediation, and even for people who have insomnia.



4. Tapology! Wine Aerator and Dispenser


Urban Outfitters

$ 99.95 or PHP 5,073.01


If you’re a wine lover, then this Wine Aerator and Dispenser from Tapology is a dream come true! All you have to do is insert the bottle, press a button, and enjoy!



5. iFox Bluetooth Shower Speaker



Amazon US

$ 31.99 or PHP 1,623.67

Listen to your favorite songs when in the shower with iFox Bluetooth Shower Speaker. Never worry about getting your gadgets splashed in the shower! This Wireless Speaker lasts for up to 10 hours playing time between charges and it’s fully recharged in under 3 hours! The suction cup attaches strongly to glass, ceramic, or any other smooth surface in the bathroom, boat, or anywhere.



Note: We hope you loved the products we recommended! We just wanted to clarify that the prices are accurate and items in stock as stated in the time of publication. We do not own any of the pictures and products above. All credits are due to the respective web stores mentioned above.


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