How to Add Your Delivery Addresses?



Don’t Forget to Add Your Delivery Addresses

In your dashboard, you can create as many delivery addresses as you want to send to your home, workplace, friends, acquaintances, crushes, significant others, and many more! Here is a Step by Step on how to add your delivery addresses so you can send your individual shipments or consolidated shipments to that particular address.



Step 1: Sign Up or Login To Your BNS Account



If you don’t have an account yet, simply fill up the necessary details to create one. Or login to your existing account.

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Step 2: Under “My Account” Go to “My Addresses”



Once you’re in, click “My Account,” then go to “My Addresses” You should be redirected to the page similar to the screenshot above.



Step 3: Add New Address



Click “Add New Address” and enter the necessary details such as full name, mobile number, zip code, and address line. Double-check everything before you hit “Submit a New Address” to avoid any troubles along the way.



Step 4: Submit New Addres



Submit the address where you’d like your parcel to be shipped to. You can create as many consignees and delivery addresses as you can, so say, if you wanted to gift your loved one something, you can have it delivered straight to their homes instead!



Step 5: Wait For You Parcel To Arrive at Your Chosen Address



After adding as many delivery addresses as you can, all you have to do is wait for your parcel to be delivered at your chosen address. Enjoy and happy shopping, everyone!




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