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Shop From KitchenAid US Ship to Philippines

June 17, 2020




KitchenAid US is now cutting the cord –  literally because the well-trusted brand just announced an innovative collection that will totally transform the way we function in our kitchens. Now, you can shop in KitchenAid US, and ship it directly to your home address in the Philippines. Case in point: KitchenAid’s new line of cordless appliances, which gives you the freedom and flexibility to meal prep wherever you want! Scroll down and take a closer look at each featured collection. N



KitchenAid’s Cordless Collection


The collection includes a chopper, hand mixer, and hand blender that comes in seven attractive colors and is powered by a long-lasting, rechargeable lithium battery. An indicator light lets you know when the battery level is dropping, and once plugged in, the appliances can go from empty to full charge in as little as two hours. With no cords to worry about, you can use them in kitchen areas where you don’t have easy access to outlets or even take them to the backyard for your next cookout.


1. Cordless 7-Speed Hand Mixer



Every kitchen needs a good hand mixer to make quick work of batters, doughs, and more. And while we love KitchenAid’s classic hand mixer, this cordless option is a game-changer, especially if you have limited kitchen space. The mixer has enough power to make up to four batches of chocolate chip cookies on a single charge. Since the motor’s base is flat, you can easily rest the mixer on the countertop between ingredient additions. Though hand mixers are notorious for getting dirty, this appliance’s surface wipes clean easily, and the beaters are dishwasher safe. Goodbye, tangled cords!




2. Cordless 5-Cup Food Chopper



KitchenAid’s cordless chopper is perfect for small-to-medium chopping and food processing jobs, like making dips, salsas, and even whipping, especially if you’re in a pinch. It’s a total life and time saver when you have to quickly prep time-consuming or tricky recipes. All parts of the Cordless Chopper are also dishwasher safe so, it’s easier to clean up, even your messiest recipes.




3. Cordless Variable Speed Hand Blender



KitchenAid’s cordless hand blender functions like their classic immersion blender but is much easier to handle since it’s not weighed down by a cord. This is particularly helpful if you’re blending a smoothie directly in a jar or pureeing a hot pot of soup or sauce. The powerful blender’s variable speed is controlled with a trigger dial on the handle, so you can adjust it depending on what you are making and the kind of texture you want. Lower speeds and pulses will give you a chunkier result, whereas high speeds will yield smooth, silky purees and sauces.



Note: We hope you loved the brands and products we recommended! We just wanted to clarify that the prices and stocks are accurate as stated in the time of publication. We do not own any of the pictures or products nor affiliated with KitchenAid, all credits are due to the KitchenAid alone.


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