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Buyandship Shopping Guide: Other Ways to Save When Shopping Online

June 30, 2020



There are many ways to get more value while you shop online from overseas websites! Aside from using Buyandship for all your international shipping needs, you can also use cashback and coupon platforms whenever you shop. Check out the list we collated enclosing a few tips and options on how to save more money when online shopping abroad!



#1 Use Cashback Services



Using cashback services can help you earn back some money you spent on shopping. It’s not an instant saving as most cashback platforms require a bit of time to track and verify your transaction with their e-commerce partners. The cashback rate is dependent on the website you’re shopping from. Even different cashback platforms have different rates for the same website, so be sure to compare which offers the best percentage!

Cashback sites like ShopBack are very popular among online shoppers in the Philippines, whether it is for local or international e-commerce websites.

If you’d like to earn cashback in US Dollars, there’s also Rakuten (formerly known as Ebates)!  To make life a little easier, don’t forget to download the ShopBack and Rakuten cashback Google Chrome extension. The extensions will immediately notify you which shopping sites have cashback or promos.



#2 Coupons!



Another way to make sure you’re getting the best value is to look for coupons or discount codes.

 “I don’t want to get more savings when I shop online,” said no one ever.

Sometimes shopping sites can be a little sneaky and not advertise or display any promo codes. Check out couponing websites like Retailmenot, Rakuten, and Finder.com for daily updates on promo codes to popular shopping sites! It’s not just for the US, Finder.com has localized websites for different countries as well!



#3 Automatically find Coupon/ Deals Through Honey



You can also use Google Chrome extensions like Honey to “automate” the promo code search. Download the extension and let it do its magic while you shop on eligible websites! It cuts downtime to search for deals, and focuses on what’s important: getting you the best deal at the click of a button!



#4 Have Your Items From Abroad Shipped Via Buyandship




We have created a solution for you with Buyandship to buy online products abroad! We were established in 2014 and concentrated on developing our 12 warehouse locations all over the world for your shopping needs. We have established a network of warehouses in the U.S., U.K., Japan, South Korea, Australia, Indonesia, Canada, Italy, Thailand, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. So now all you have to do is start an account with us, get your warehouse addresses, and begin shopping online. We also made it so efficient that the cost you are paying is the lowest shipping fee in the Philippines,  same fee for ALL 12 locations. Moreover, you can save more money by consolidating your parcels from different warehouses into 1 shipment.