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4th of July Deals Are in Full Swing: Here are Some Deals Worth Buying

July 3, 2020



Sales and deals are always worthy of fireworks, but now, in honor of the Fourth of July, tons of your favorite retailers are doing their patriotic duty by offering up phenomenal deals on the tech, home, and style products you love to shop. You’re free to take advantage of all the savings leading up to Independence Day, so get to it.



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✨ 4th of July Featured Deals ✨


Chip and Dip Platter

$ 162.00  $45.99

Save 72% OFF 

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Tabletop Humidifier

$ 79.99  $33.99

Save 58% OFF 

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6 PCS Kitchen Utensil Set

$ 70.00  $39.99

Save 43% OFF

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Adidas by Pharrell Williams

$ 249.00  $74.70

Save 70% OFF

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Nike Air Max 270 React

$ 169.00  $50.70

Save 70% OFF

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PumaNitefox x Helly Hansen

$ 159.00  $47.70

Save 70% OFF

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Mini Robot Vacuum

$ 219.99  $152.98

Save 30% OFF

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Noise Cancelling Headphones

$ 99.99  $41.57

Save 58% OFF

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Hamilton Coffee Maker

$ 39.99  $24.64

Save 40% OFF

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3-Piece Unicorn Set

$ 24.99  $4.79

Save 80% OFF

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4th of July Dinosaur Shirt

$ 18.00  $5.59

Save 65% OFF

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3-Piece Hippo Set

$ 26.00  $5.59

Save 79% OFF

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Note: We hope you loved the products we recommended! We just wanted to clarify that the prices and discounts are accurate as stated in the time of publication. We do not own any of the pictures or products, all credits are due to the brands mentioned above.


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