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Replace These Things In Your Bathroom with Sustainable Alternatives From Amazon US

July 7, 2020



Change isn’t always easy. Whether you’re getting used to new social distancing guidelines or trying out innovative workout sessions, altering your normal habits can be complicated. Now, let’s turn the focus on your bathroom.

Common bathroom products, like toilet paper, cotton swabs, and baby wipes, are a convenience for people around the world, but they come at a cost to the environment. These products take centuries to biodegrade and contribute to our growing problem of carbon emissions. Luckily, there are great eco-friendly alternatives to these common bathroom products that will not break your budget.



# 1 Reusable “Cotton” Rounds



A 16-pack of these reusable “cotton” rounds made from bamboo, because single-use cotton rounds may not be plastic, but they’re still bad for the environment.

Reason Why You Need This: Each kilogram of cotton takes 20,000 liters of water to produce, according to the WWF, and involves substantial use of fertilizers and pesticides that threaten the quality of soil and water — not to mention farmers and nearby populations.



# 2 Unbleached Bath Tissue



Some 100% recycled and unbleached toilet paper if you’re not quite ready for bidets but still want to do your part for the planet. Our use of toilet paper is scary enough, but it turns out the process to produce it is harmful, too.

Reason Why You Need This: According to Brondell, just bleaching toilet paper takes 235,000 tons of chlorine, which goes on to pollute local water. So if you prefer toilet paper, Seventh Generation offers unbleached T.P. to lessen the environmental impact.





# 3 Divacup 



We all know periods suck no matter what, but why should Earth suffer too? This life-changing Divacup is cost-effective and environmentally friendly, as it can last up to 10 years!

Reason Why You Need This: One study shows that a menstrual cup costs 5% of the purchase costs of single-use pads and generates only 0.4% of the plastic waste. Compared to tampons, the same study shows that a menstrual cup costs 7% of the purchase costs and 6% of the plastic waste.




# 4 Bamboo Bath Mat



This aesthetically pleasing bamboo bath mat that upgrades your bathroom to a spa, doesn’t absorb water like fabric and is made from the fastest-growing renewable resource.

Reason Why You Need This:  Yes, bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on Earth! Because of that plus its renewability, bamboo bath mats are way more environmentally-friendly than your typical polyester fabric ones. Plus, bamboo dries quickly and repels water.




# 5 Reusable Make-Up Eraser



The Reusable Makeup Eraser magically removes all your makeup with just water! It saves you money and doesn’t get tossed out every night.

Reason Why You Need This: According to Real Simple, one of the biggest environmental problems with makeup remover wipes is just how many we throw away — which is estimated to be 20 million pounds every day.




# 6 Reusable Cloth Pads



These cute reusable cloth pads will help you minimize disposable, single-use pads made of cotton and plastic. The best part? You can machine wash these!

Reason Why You Need This: Let’s face it, periods cost us a lot and period poverty is totally a thing. Disposable pads are one of the less-taboo menstrual products out there, but they’re still single-use and contain plastic (2.4 grams per pad on average). These cloth pads are reusable, though, saving you money and reducing waste.




# 7 Waterpik



This sleek Waterpik Electric Flosser is a must so that you can “floss” without the floss.

Reason Why You Need This: Flossing is great for your oral hygiene — just ask your dentist. Unfortunately, floss is typically made from nylon filaments or plastic monofilaments, i.e. they’re difficult to recycle and tend to get stuck in MRFs (materials recovery facilities). If you’re interested in a zero-waste alternative, try a water flosser. They’re reusable and long-lasting.




# 8 Vegan Dental Floss



Or if you’re not ready to completely let go of floss, try this vegan, biodegradable dental floss (not silk) that keeps your teeth and the environment clean — they even come in glass vials!

Reason Why You Need This:  If you’re not into water flossers, there’s still hope. This natural floss is made from corn — no plastic and no silk — so you can feel good about your gum health without feeling bad about the waste. Plus, glass vials are recyclable and reusable.





Note: We hope you loved the products we recommended! We just wanted to clarify that the price and stocks are accurate as stated in the time of publication. We do not sell these products nor own any of the pictures All credits are due to Amazon and the respective seller above.


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