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US Masterlist of Great Deals and Discount Codes | Deliver via Buyandship

July 21, 2020



Did you know that our USA Warehouse is the top country most Buyandship Users send their shipments to? That’s probably not a surprise since the United States is definitely considered as one of the online shopping paradises of the world! A lot of  US brands offer affordable products that are relatively cheaper than if we buy it here in the Philippines. If you ever wanted to shop directly from the US but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on international shipping cost, don’t worry! Have your favorites items shipped straight to your door in the Philippines via Buyandship!

One more thing: Did you know that our US Warehouse Address is located in a Sales Tax-Free Zone so, you won’t have to pay US tax when shopping abroad. Here’s a list of Top US Websites to get you started.



🌟 Why Buyandship? 🌟



  • We have the lowest shipping fee in the Philippines
  • We do not overcharge since our shipping rate is purely based on weight
  • We enable you to shop in 12 (U.S., U.K., JAPAN, KOREA, INDONESIA, ITALY, AUSTRALIA, CHINA, HONGKONG, TAIWAN, CANADA, AND THAILAND) locations worldwide
  • We have FREE consolidation service and FREE storage of shipment up to 42 days
  • We shipped your favorite items from abroad straight to your doorstep in the Philippines
  • Tracking is so easy!
  • Save money by taking advantage of great deals only happening abroad.




  • Amazon|The world’s largest online retailer | Up to 90% OFF Clearance Sale
  • eBay|E-commerce trading platform with more than 100 million members | Everyday Deals Up to 89% OFF
  • Moosejaw| America’s top outdoor equipment store|Summer Clearance Up to 40% OFF
  • Carter’s|Leading high-quality children’s wear brand | Clearance Sale Up to 70% OFF
  • Ralph Lauren|American College Style Goods|Designer Goods up to 40% off + Further Reductions Up to 60% OFF
  • StockX|Trend Wear and Shoe Exchange
  • GAP|American Casual Wear | Up to 50% OFF + 40% OFF Extra Sale Styles (Code: MORESALE)
  • Gap Factory|GAP Outlet website|Summer Sale Up to 75% OFF!
  • Sephora|America’s Leading Beauty Online Shop|50% OFF Permanent Markdowns
  • Disney|Disney’s Official Shopping Site|Oh Boy Sale Up to 40% OFF





  • Tommy Hilfiger | Men’s, Women’s, and Children’s Wear Trend Wear | Save Up to 75% OFF + 40% OFF Sale Styles
  • Shoes.com|Affordable Footwear paradise|25% OFF Upon Checkout (Code: SUMMER25)
  • Michael Kors|Fashion Wear Accessories | Blue Skies Sale Up to 70% OFF
  • Marc Jacobs|Fashion Wear Accessories|Discount area Up to 50% off
  • Victoria’s Secret|Inner pajamas, Swimwear, and Sportswear|Multiple Offers Up to 60% OFF
  • Timberland|Casual Wear Shoes|Sale Up to 56% OFF Selected Styles|U.S. Site or VPN required
  • SHOPBOP|Amazon Women’s Shopping Site|Discount Area Up to 70% OFF
  • ROOTS|Men, women and children casual wear|Summer Sale, Additional 20% OFF Sale Styles
  • Urban Outfitters|Streetwear for men and women + fashionable homes|Summer Clearance Sale Up to 75% OFF and Flash Sale Up to 50% OFF
  • StockX | Trendy Wear, Tide Shoes Exchange
  • GOAT|Shoes Trading Website|Summer Sale Up to 70% OFF
  • Kate Spade Surprise|Kate Spade Outlet Website | Suprise Sale Up to 75% OFF
  • Kate Spade | Up to 50% off on sale items at the sale area
  • Tory Burch|50% off sale items in the sale area
  • Rebecca Minkoff|Fashion Women’s Accessories|Permanent Markdowns Up to 40% off
  • J.Crew|Casual men and women wear|Multiple Offers Up to 60% OFF
  • Banana Republic|Textile men’s and women’s clothing|Summer Sale Up to 75% OFF
  • Old Navy|Casual Men and Women Wear | Epic Clearance Sale Up to 75% OFF
  • Brooks Brothers|Gentlemen’s suit and ladies wear|Clearance Up to 30% OFF
  • GAP|American Casual Wear|Up to 50% OFF + 40% OFF Extra Sale Styles (Code: MORESALE)
  • Gap Factory|GAP outlet website|Summer Sale Up to 75% OFF
  • Ralph Lauren|American College Style Goods|Designer Goods up to 40% off + Further Reductions Up to 60% OFF



Boutique Department Store

  • Nordstrom| Designer Clearance up to 60% off
  • Nordstrom Rack|Nordstrom Outlet|Triple fold, multiple offers Up to 90% OFF
  • Lord & Taylor|Oldest luxury department store chain in America | Clearance Sale Up to 40% OFF
  • Saks Fifth Avenue|Designer Women’s and Men’s Apparel|Designer Sale Up to 75% OFF
  • Saks OFF 5th|Luxury department outlet store | Clearance Sale Up to 70% OFF
  • Century 21|Discount Department Store | Up to 85% OFF Sale
  • 6PM|Brand | Factory outlet website | Summer Event Up to 75% OFF and More!
  • Gilt|Boutique Discount Website  | Multiple Discounts Up to 70% OFF




Mother baby

  • Carter’s|Leading high-quality children’s wear brand | 70% OFF Clearance
  • OshKosh B’Gosh|Carter’s Sister Brand | Clearance Sale Up to 70% OFF
  • The Children’s Place| Affordable Children’s Apparel | 50%-60% OFF Sitewide
  • Hanna Andersson|High-quality Children’s Clothing | Up to 75% OFF Selected Styles
  • Disney|Disney official website|Discount Area Up to 40% off




Outdoor Sports

  • Moosejaw|America’s top outdoor equipment store|Summer Clearance Up to 40% OFF
  • Sierra| The most well-known brand for outdoor products|Big Clearance Event Up to 80% OFF
  • Campsaver | Outlet and seasonal promotions with super bargain prices | Up to 80% OFF Deals and More!
  • REI|The world’s largest outdoor goods chain|Outlet Sale Up to 50% OFF
  • Backcountry|Outdoor equipment brand complete|Featured Deals Up to 86% OFF
  • Steep & Cheap|Outdoor Sporting Goods Online Shop|Sale Up to 75% OFF + Extra 20% OFF (Code: JULYEXTRA20) | Up to 70% OFF Summer Warehouse Sale
  • Mountain Steals|Summer Clearance Up to 50% OFF
  • Foot Locker | The world’s largest sportswear and sports shoes store | Up to 40% OFF Footwear & 50% OFF Apparel | 20% OFF on Orders $50+ (Code: GET20)



Beauty & Personal Care

  • ORIGINS Summer Stock Up 20% OFF Any Order (Code: SUMMER)
  • Sephora|America’s Leading Beauty Online Shop|Up to 50% OFF Permanent Markdowns
  • Bath & Body Works|Scented candles, skincare products|50% off selected products
  • Kylie cosmetics|Owned by Kylie Kardashian | Up to 40% OFF Permanent Markdowns




Toys & Home Goods

  • Sideshow Collectibles|Toys collection|Up to 50% OFF Selected Products
  • Funko|Known for their Funko Pop Collectibles and More!
  • Pottery Barn|American casual home brand|Multiple Offers Up to 50% OFF
  • Urban Outfitters|Small life, trendy homes|Summer Clearance Up to 75% OFF | Flash Sale Up to 50% OFF
  • Tea Bloom|Green tea that will bloom|Up to 75% OFF Discount on Selected Products




Notes To Keep In Mind When You’re Using Buyandship’s Warehouse Address For Your Online Shopping 


During major festivals, the delivery time is expected to be longer. However, the Buyandship team knows that everyone is in a hurry, and we will definitely work hard to deliver the goods to you as soon as possible. On that note, here are a few notes to keep in mind when shopping at these discount festivals and if you’re going to use Buyandship at your purchase:


1. Address filling format

If an error message appears after filling in the online shopping address, or if the order is canceled after payment, you can try another format: Address Line 1 Enter 13822 NE Airport Way. you will have the opportunity to successfully buy it. In addition to this, make sure to fill in the Buyandship Membership ID in “Name” so, it would be easier for us to sort your parcel once it arrives at our warehouse.



2. Payment Method and Billing Address

Just like what we state in the earlier part of the blog, most US Web Stores either/both accept internationally-accepted credit/debit cards and Paypal as the mode of payment. Please take note to use your real name and Philippine Address and upon the billing section to ensure a hassle-free transaction.



3. Declare Your Shipments

If the shipment is not declared before arriving at the warehouse, the warehouse colleague may postpone processing your shipment, and may not be able to issue the “Notified Shipment Notification” immediately, so it will be delayed until the shipment is received. So, it’s really important that once you receive the tracking number from the merchant store you shop from,  declare your shipment to your BNS Account. Click here to learn more about how to declare your shipment. 



4. Shipment Size Restrictions

If deemed necessary, our warehouse will repack and replace packaging without prior notice. Every single shipment (Per Tracking number) must not exceed 55 pounds. If the single parcel exceeds 20 pounds, please do not consolidate it with other parcels. After the parcel consolidation:

  • The sum of all 3 sides cannot exceed 150 CM
  • Volumetric Weight can not exceed 5 times of the actual weight

Note: Calculation for Volumetric Weight: [Length (CM) x Width (CM) x Height (CM)] ÷ 6,000 x 2.2046

If the parcel exceeds any of the above limitations, additional charges may be required. The parcel may also be rejected by the overseas warehouse or the delivery fee may be calculated by Volumetric Weight



5. Prohibited Goods

Please read “Prohibited Items Catalog” before shopping. If you have doubts or unclear products, you can message us at Facebook, Instagram, or start a webchat on the site to confirm if we’ll allow your item. It’s better to be safe and sure, above all.



6. Where Can I Find More Information on Buyandship’s Online Shopping and Shipping?

Other than our Website, Facebook Page, Instagram, we have a community in our FB group where we post all of the latest deals and updates regarding Buyandship. You can also share with our members your shopping experience and concerns regarding Buyandship or overseas shopping in general. Join us if you wanted a community to relate to or vent out to; we’ll be waiting for you!

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Note: We hope you loved the brands we recommended! We just wanted to clarify that the discounts are accurate as stated in the time of publication. We do not own any of the pictures or products, all credits are due to the sites mentioned above.


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