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Celebrate 40 Seasons and 20 Years of Survivor with this Limited Edition Commemorative Buff

July 22, 2020



Photo Courtesy: BUFF USA


Celebrate 40 Seasons and 20 Years of Survivor with their Limited Edition Original Commemorative Buff and more! As you’ve seen from the show, Original BUFF Headwear is simple and infinitely adaptable. The headwear can be worn in 12+ different ways – from neck gaiter to headband, hat to balaclava, providing all-day comfort and seamless protection. Snag them now before they run out of stock!



Original Survivor
Commemorative 20 Years 40 Seasons – Black



You will feel like the Sole Survivor when you add this Survivor 20 Years 40 Seasons Commemorative Black BUFF ® Headwear to your look. Comfortable and easily adjustable, this BUFF ® is 12+ styles in one sleek design. Whether you are hanging out with friends or testing your survival skills, this Survivor BUFF ® lets you do so while representing your favorite series.

➡️ Get it From Buff USA For $30.00



Original Survivor
Season 40 Winners at War – Koru Merge Tribe



Featuring intricate yellow symbols against a black background, this Survivor Season 40 Winners at War BUFF® Headwear – Koru Tribe is a must-have style for survival. Whether you block off the sun by using the Buff as a neck gaiter or style it as a hat, you will outwit, outplay, and outlast in comfort each time you wear this Buff.

➡️ Get it From Buff USA For $25.00