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Buyandship’s Service Advisory Re Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine

August 3, 2020



Hi Buyandship members,

We have moved to Modified ECQ status and with that, there are impacts on the National, LGU, and Private sector levels. We at Buyandship will be able to provide you with continuing service but please note there may be more delays due to the Modified ECQ as there will be an impact on the workforce due to public transportation which means that there may be a reduced staff. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

Attached please find the document that explains the difference between ECQ, GCQ, and MECQ. Please be guided accordingly and note the impacts it has on your community. Please stay safe with your family during this time and do the necessary precautions in protecting yourselves. The basic requirements are to always wear a mask when outdoors, practice social distancing outdoors, always wash your hands, keep a clean environment, and do not participate in large gatherings.

If you are buying masks from abroad make sure to check your Member Center on the website and see new updates on which countries are prohibited in exporting masks. Currently, it is not allowed from Thailand, Australia, China, and Korea.

We hope in a few weeks this will help lower the infected rates and we can return to back to a better new normal soon. Please stay safe everyone and we pray for you and your family’s safety.


– Buyandship Family