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Shop from Italy and Ship to Philippines

August 22, 2020



When we talk about high-quality goods, Italian craftmanship is definitely on top of the line. It holds history and art at its very core. Modern devices and innovation are certainly supporting its smooth transition into the 21st century making its essence rooted in Italy’s rich tradition.

When we say “Made in Italy,” popular fashion brands are probably the first thing that pops into your head. However, did you know that there are a lot more Italian brands that may not be globally mainstream but local Italians are crazy about? Check out these Italian Brands that are worthy of your hard-earned money. You can now shop in Italy, and ship it directly to your home address in the Philippines.





🌟 Why Buyandship? 🌟



  • We have the lowest shipping fee in the Philippines
  • We do not overcharge since our shipping rate is purely based on weight
  • We enable you to shop in 11 (U.S., U.K., JAPAN, KOREA, INDONESIA, ITALY, AUSTRALIA, CHINA, HONGKONG, TAIWAN, AND THAILAND) locations worldwide
  • We have FREE consolidation service and FREE storage of shipment up to 30 days
  • We shipped your favorite items from abroad straight to your doorstep in the Philippines
  • Tracking is so easy!
  • Save money by taking advantage of great deals only happening abroad.


Popular Shopping Sites You Can’t Miss!


Last Updated: September 01, 2020 | 14:00 PM

Clothing, Shoes, & Accessories


#1 Try it Out|Home to Fashion & Accessories Made Exclusively in Italy | Get 10% OFF on Selected Products

Buyandship Recommends:


#2 Italian Boutique SRL|Ethically and Handmade Italian Sandals | Up to 50% OFF on Selected Products

Buyandship Recommends:


#3 Corso Italia|Emerging Fashion Store For Men | Summer Sale Up to 50% OFF

Buyandship recommends:


#3 L’angolo Calzature Best Local Footwear Corner in Italy | 20% OFF Sale  (Code: #COMPRADACASA)

Buyandship Recommends:


#4 Mindlessly | Outside the Box Clothing Brand Made By Young People | 10% OFF (Code: GIFTCARD)

Buyandship Recommends:


#5 Dell’Oglio store | Family Clothing Brand that Celebrates True Italian Style | Sale Up to 60% OFF

Buyandship Recommends:


#6 Venetò Home to the Best Handmade Italian Bags For Her and For Him


#7 Ascot | Merging Classic & Modern Outfits For Men in the Heart of Naples | Discount on Selected Products

Buyandship Recommends:


#8 Kamira Outlet The Best Offers of Luxury Brands Sale Up to 70% OFF

Buyandship Recommends:


#9 CAMA Srls/ Cover Story Shop Leading Apparel Brand in Italy | Permanent Markdowns Up to 30% OFF

Buyandship Recommends:


#9 Genna Srls| Genna For Jeans is Your Go-To-Shop in Finding the Best Brands in Italy | 20% Price Reduction

Buyandship Recommends:


#10 Di Girolamo 1991| Revolutionizes Made in Italy Combining Tradition & Innovation

Buyandship Recommends:


#11 Peiro Guidi Home to Dynamic and Creative Italian Products with Careful Approach to Italy’s Tradition

Buyandship Recommends:


#11 Michele Inzerillo Srl Popular Italian Apparel Brand For Around 60 Years | Summer Sale Up to 40% OFF

Buyandship Recommends:


#11 Leonardo Shoes 100% Handmade Italian Shoes | Permanent Markdowns Up to 50% OFF

Buyandship Recommends:


#12 Mitarotonda| Clothing Brand For Every Contemporary Women | Sale Up to 50% OFF Selected Items

Buyandship Recommends:


#13 Pinocchio Store Home to Pinocchio Goods

Buyandship Recommends:


#14 Fri-Go Lifestyle Apparel Brand For the Free-Spirited People

Buyandship Recommends:


#15 Manah Wearing Offers High-Quality Clothing Products in Italy

Buyandship Recommends


#16 Fabi Boutique | Creating Italian Shoes Since 1995 | Sale UP to 50% OFF

Buyandship Recommends:


#17 Quattro Stagioni SNC | Best Luxury Outlet in Italy | Sale Up to 30% OFF

Buyandship Recommends:


#18 Ungettable Sardinian Luxury Mood | Made in Sardinia For the Refined and Sensual Woman

Buyandship Recommends:


#19 My Style Man | Offers High-Quality Clothing and Accessories in the Best Marketplace in Italy

Buyandship Recommends:


#20 Malkutha store | Popular Streetwear and Clothing Brand in Italy | Clearance Sale Up to 70% OFF

Buyandship Recommends:


#21 Fastshopper Store | One of the Best Shopping Center in Italy | Sale Up to 50% OFF

Buyandship Recommends:


#22 Soreca Shop Online | Leading Apparel Brand in Italy | Final Sale Up to 65% OFF

Buyandship Recommends:


#23 Civico Nove | Popular Luxury Clothing Brand in Italy | Save Up to 30% OFF

Buyandship Recommends:


#23 Italian Children Boutique | High-Quality Clothing Brand For Your Kids | Save Up to 50% OFF Spring & Summer Collections

Buyandship Recommends:



Food & Grocery


#1 Foscaris | Specializes in Integrated Candies Exclusive in Italy

Buyandship Recommends:


#2 BringItaly SRLS | One of the Best Italian Food Boutique

Buyandship Recommends:


#3 Caramelle Terranova | Home to the Best and Exclusive Italian Candies

Buyandship Recommends:


#4 Rilevo Manufacturers of the Best Protein Bars in Italy

Buyandship Recommends:




Home Goods & Others


#1 Eglooh  | High-Quality Home Goods Made For Perfection

Buyandship Recommends:


#2 Agenzie Riunite  | Best Card Games From Italy | Sale Up to 20% OFF on Selected Products

Buyandship Recommends:


#3 Idea Srls  | Credible and Popular Knitwear Brand in Italy

Buyandship Recommends:


#4 Antica Stamperia Carpegna  | Traditional Rust Printing Home Goods

Buyandship Recommends:


#5 Gianpaolo Esse Couture | One of the Well-Known Luxury Brand in Italy

Buyandship Recommends:





Notes To Keep In Mind When You’re Using Buyandship’s Warehouse Address For Your Online Shopping 



1. Address filling format

Follow the steps in your dashboard and copy Italy’s Warehouse Adress to avoid any future inconvenience. In addition to this, make sure to fill in the Buyandship Membership ID in “Name” so, it would be easier for us to sort your parcel once it arrives at our warehouse.



2. Payment Method and Billing Address

Most, if not, some Italian Web Stores either/both accept internationally-accepted credit/debit cards and Paypal as the mode of payment. Please take note to use your real name and credit/debit card Address and upon the billing section to ensure a hassle-free transaction.



3. Declare Your Shipments

If the shipment is not declared before arriving at the warehouse, the warehouse colleague may postpone processing your shipment, and may not be able to issue the “Notified Shipment Notification” immediately, so it will be delayed until the shipment is received. So, it’s important that once you receive the tracking number from the merchant store you shop from,  declare your shipment to your BNS Account. Click here to learn more about how to declare your shipment. 



4. Shipment Size Restrictions

If deemed necessary, our warehouse will repack and replace packaging without prior notice. Every single shipment (Per Tracking number) must not exceed 55 pounds for Metro Manila and 20 pounds for Non-Metro Manila. If the single parcel exceeds the limit, please do not consolidate it with other parcels. After the parcel consolidation:

  • The sum of all 3 sides cannot exceed 99 CM
  • Volumetric Weight can not exceed 5 times the actual weight

Note: Calculation for Volumetric Weight: [Length (CM) x Width (CM) x Height (CM)] ÷ 6,000 x 2.2046

If the parcel exceeds any of the above limitations, additional charges may be required. The parcel may also be rejected by the overseas warehouse or the delivery fee may be calculated by Volumetric Weight



5. Prohibited Goods

Please read “Prohibited Items Catalog” before shopping. If you are not sure just send us a message on Facebook, Instagram, or start a website chat to confirm if the item is allowed to send. It’s better to be safe and sure, above all.



6. Where Can I Find More Information on Buyandship’s Online Shopping and Shipping?

Other than our Website, Facebook Page, Instagram, we have a community in our FB group where we post all of the latest deals and updates regarding Buyandship. You can also share with our members your shopping experience and concerns regarding Buyandship or overseas shopping in general. Join us if you wanted a community to relate to or vent out to; we’ll be waiting for you!

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Note: We hope you loved the brands we recommended! We just wanted to clarify that the discounts are accurate as stated in the time of publication. We do not own any of the pictures or products, all credits are due to the sites mentioned above.


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See a pricing calculator and parcel restrictions below. No bulk shipments 10 units max per shipment.


Please note that if the total value of your shipments is above Php 10k there will be PH customs clearance fees, separate from our shipping fee that is paid to a local courier, either COD or bank transfer, and sent to your home. If Php 10k or below, then you will only pay our shipping fee 🙂

To enjoy no duty and tax, you need to checkout from HK under Php 10k total value of shipments regardless of how many shipments, then TRACK until it passes PH customs, then send the next batch.


It’s also worth noting that each household member’s name can create their own account to enjoy each Php 10k under

  • Step 1: Each of your household members can open an account and each can enjoy under Php 10k. Sign them up now in here. 
  • Step 2: When each household member signs up they also get Php 50 free credits. That means more savings for your household!
  • Step 3: You can also ask them to use your referral code when they sign up so both of you can earn more credits and have more savings 🙂




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Is this your first time using our Buyandship service? Here are a few things you should know:

A flat fee of Php 350/lb will be charged for overseas shipment whether it is from our USA, UK, Japan, Korea, Australia, Italy, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, or Taiwan warehouses. All the same rate! With a few easy steps, your product purchases will be delivered to you in no time.

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