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Buyandship Philippines is a Family Affair | Create an Account For Your Whole Family Now!

September 11, 2020

Did You Know? Each member of your household can open an account with us and each can enjoy under Php 10k no duty and tax if they sign up with their own account? Enjoy your PHP10k under no duty and tax privilege and include every member of your family in your overseas online shopping endeavor! Whether it was a birthday gift for Ate or an overall appreciation for your parents, give them the very best with Buyandship Philippines!

Setting Up Multiple Accounts Under Your Household Members So, Each Can Enjoy Under Php 10k No Duty and Tax

Step 1: Each of your household members can open an account and each can enjoy under Php 10k. Sign them up now in here. 

Step 2: When each household member signs up, they also get Php 50 free credits. That means more savings for your household!

Step 3: You can also ask them to use your referral code when they sign up so both of you can earn more credits and have more savings 🙂

How to Enjoy No Duty and Tax for Each Household Member?


Buyandship established a network of 12 warehouses (US, JP, UK, KR, CN, TW, AU, IT, TH, ID, HK, and CA) for users to ensure fast and efficient delivery services. But every country has different taxation that has to be considered. Find the taxation for the Philippines below.

Custom Duty

When importing goods into the Philippines, there will be import duty and tax charges, no matter if imported by a private individual or a commercial entity.

De Minimis Value

De minimis is the value of goods for which no duty or tax is collected, the de minimis threshold is PHP 10,000. Shipment with de minimis value (PHP 10,000 or below) are considered importations with the negligible amount and are entitled to immediate release.

“Shipments covered by one Master Bill of Lading (MBL) or Master Airway Bill of Lading (MAWB) but with several House Bill of Ladings (HBLs) or House Airway Bills (HAWBs) with single or multiple invoices with the same consignee and shipper is considered as a single consignment and subject to duties and taxes should the total value exceed the De Minimis value.”

How can you be eligible for under Php 10,000 No Duty and Tax?

For the under Php 10,000 of no duty and tax rule, it is the combined shipment value on the same day when it passes through Philippines Customs. Even if you created separate shipment orders, Customs will combine the value of all orders that are sent to the same consignee or address on the same day to assess de minimis value. To be eligible for the no duty and tax rule, make sure the total value of your shipments will not exceed Php 10,000 to arrive in Philippines Customs in one day. Even if you have created separate shipment orders, Philippines Customs will combine the value of all orders that are sent to the same consignee on the same day to assess de minimis value.

To be eligible for the no duty and tax rule, please make sure the total value of your shipments will not exceed Php 10,000. You are strongly advised to track your shipments and wait until the shipments pass the Philippines Customs, then send the next batch of shipment(s). That is also given that your declaration is correct and approved by the Philippines Customs valuation. Philippines Customs has the final decision on taxation and Buyandship is not liable for any taxation problem or government policy changes.

What is the meaning of Import Tax & Custom Fees?

Customers should have to pay for the duty of the shipment (if any), and also VAT (Value Added Tax) of the total value of shipments. This is represented by the calculation of Duty Tax + VAT.

Percentage of Duty Tax & VAT

Philippines customs will charge duty fees for all personal shipments. The average duty fee has a range of 3-30% (normally at around 15%), wherein the shipments will be cleared after clients have settled the duty.
VAT stands for Value Added Tax. VAT is a type of sales tax that is levied on consumption on the sale of goods, services, or properties, as well as importation in the Philippines. The tax rate is 12%.

Calculation of Import Tax & Custom Fees

CIF is the valuation method the customs use to define a shipment’s value and use this value to calculate tax.

  • CIF = Product price + Cost of Shipping (Freight) + Cost of Insurance
  • Duty Tax = Duty % x CIF
  • VAT = 12% x (CIF + Duty + excise taxes if any)
  • Import Tax & Custom Fees = Duty Tax + VAT

Note: There may be a processing fee by the local courier and Philippines Customs storage fee. Buyandship is not responsible for these charges incurred.

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How to Use Buyandship Philippines?

1. Register as a Buyandship member

What you’ll need is just your name, email address, mobile number, and some personal information. Upon your registration, you will get a unique member ID which also serves as the identification of your parcels during the shipping progress.

Reminder: If you do not have the verification email, please check the spam or junk mail folder.

2. Fill in the shipping address and let us ship for you

Keep in mind the items under the “Prohibited Items Catalog” before shopping. Fill in our overseas warehouse address as your shipping address and your name and member ID as the receiver during the checkout.

3. Declare your shipment

  • From the email sent by your retailer, you can find all the information you needed for the declaration, such as Shipping Carrier and the Tracking Number of your goods;
  • Once you get the above-mentioned information, please declare your parcel immediately at “Parcel Management”;
  • When your package reaches our overseas warehouse, it will be checked in usually within 2 working days.

Reminders: Any declaration completed after the parcel arrives at our overseas warehouse may delay the shipping time. Any parcels without declaration or with misleading information in the declaration will affect the arrival time at Hong Kong warehouse and its shipping progress to the Philippines. Any false statement in the declaration may affect the insurance claim of your package.

4. Consolidate your shipment

  • You will receive an email notification when your parcel arrives at the Hong Kong warehouse. Then, you can create a shipment order by consolidating your parcels on your dashboard.
  • Please add/confirm your delivery address at “My Addresses”.
  • After your payment is settled by online credit or debit card, your shipment will be sent out from our Hong Kong warehouse within 1-2 working days. (As this is an overseas payment, you may contact your card issuer with questions regarding any relevant administration fee.)
  • Now, you only need to sit back until receiving the parcel collection notification. You can have a look at the recommended overseas shopping sites which are picked up by our editors if you have time.


When your parcels have arrived at the Buyandship Hong Kong warehouse, if you have any questions regarding the chargeable weight, please contact us before you pay the delivery fee. Any unpaid parcels will not be sent out from our Buyandship Hong Kong warehouse. Those parcels can be stored at our Hong Kong warehouse for 42 days for FREE, (temporary reduction to 28 days until January 31, 2022) and afterward, there will be an overdue storage fee. For the details, please refer to the “Pricing” section.

5. Collect your goods

Usually, home delivery to your address takes about 3-5 days for Metro Manila, 5-7 days for non-Metro Manila, and 8-14 days for a remote service area. However, it may take a little longer due to the virus situation.

Reminder: In the case of Customs inspection, the time of delivery may be delayed. Please be patient. The unpaid shipment will not be sent out from our Hong Kong warehouse.