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Declare Your Shipments Immediately For Faster Black Friday Processing!

November 24, 2020

Declare Earlier With Tracking Number For Faster Black Friday Processing!

We are expecting a significant increase in shipment numbers during the Black Friday shopping season. To get your parcels delivered as soon as possible, we highly suggest you pre-declare parcel(s) before its arrival at our overseas warehouse. Please understand that it will take a few additional days to check-in your parcel(s) and ship to the Hong Kong warehouse if you didn’t declare it in advance. You may also refer to the status of our warehouses below.

Upon Arrival at US Warehouse

Steps Status/Time Required
Parcel Check-in Normal
Parcel Check-out (Pre-declared Parcels) Normal
Send Out “Undeclared Parcel” Notification Email Normal
Parcel Check-out (Late-declared Parcels) Normal
Shipping to Hong Kong Warehouse Normal

Upon Arrival at Hong Kong Warehouse

Step Status/Time Required 
Shipment Order Processing Normal

💡What Does Pre-declared Parcel Mean? As long as you have received the tracking number and courier info from the seller, you can start declaring your parcel through Parcel Management.


For more information about the declaration and prohibited items, please refer to Tutorial: Parcel Declaration & Prohibited Items Catalog.