Best Sites To Shop From This Fukubukuro or Japan Lucky Bag Sale

Also known as Japan Lucky Bag~ it’s a Japanese New Year Custom in which merchants make grab bags filled with mystery random items and sell them for a substantial discount, usually 50% or more of the retail price of the items contained within. Try to get one this year and experience the excitement of owning and unboxing Japan Lucky Bags! Check out the best sites we compiled to shop from this Fukubukuro 2021~

⇒Last Updated: (12/27/2020 2:00 PM)

* All discounts and price may vary, the final price is subject to the original site.
* The pictures are for reference only. The product styles and colors in the lucky bag are determined by the seller and shipped randomly.



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2021 Japan’s Best Online Shopping Guide for Fukubukuro


Most Popular Sites

1st Place:Amazon Japan

Ranked first, the most popular Japanese Site among our Buyandship Members~ Amazon Japan. You can now pre-order lucky bags from different well-known brands, such as COMME CA ISM, Lily Brown, SNIDEL, and Nano Universe. However, most lucky bags will not disclose product photos. It is recommended to refer to previous reviews or unboxing videos of people who already bought it.

Fukubukuro 1: Double Standard Japan American brand men’s lucky bag

  • Lucky bags include clothing from many popular American brands, such as Columbia, The North Face, Under Armour, Champion, etc.
  • There are 5 types of lucky bags to choose from~ inside are Columbia jackets, The North Face Hoodie/ T-shirt, and Carhartt Pouch. There are 4 products in total.
  • The picture is for reference only
  • Available in sizes from S to 2XL~ Hurry Before Stock Runs Out!


Overseas Price

Around $212.64(¥ 22,000)

Fukubukuro 2: Lily Brown Women’s Lucky Bag

  • There are 6 types of ladies’ clothing in this lucky bag: Coat, Knitted Skirt, Knitted Pants, Top, Bow Tie/ Scarf/ Belt/ Headwear, and Pullovers
  • The picture is for reference only, Amazon does not disclose the photos of the products in the lucky bag
  • Officially on sale on December 28, 2020, but pre-orders are now open


Overseas Price

About $106.32(¥ 11,000)

2nd Place:Rakuten Japan

Rakuten is also one of the most popular Japanese websites for Buyandship members. It sells a wide range of lucky bags, including clothes, shoes, electronic goods, food, daily necessities, etc., Plus some stores will disclose the contents of lucky bags! The Rakuten’s New Year Lucky Bag website interface lets you easily check the popularity rankings of men’s, women’s, and children’s blessing bags, so more people choose to pre-purchase lucky bags at Rakuten!

Fukubukuro 1: ikka Child/Women’s Lucky Bag

  • Rakuten Fashion 2021 Women’s New Year Lucky Bag Sales Top No. 1
  • There are 7 products in this lucky bag: Vest Skirt, Sweater, Shirt, Trousers, Pullover, Multi Pouch, and Small Mirror
  • The picture is for reference only, Rakuten does not disclose the photos of the goods in the lucky bag
  • Available in sizes M and L
  • Pre-orders are now open and shipping will start on January 1, 2021


Overseas Price

About $74.43(¥ 7,700)

Fukubukuro 2: Riziere Children

  • Rakuten Fashion 2021 Children’s New Year Lucky Bag Sales Top No. 1
  • There are Jackets, Skirts, Tops, Leggings, and Other Small Accessories in the Lucky Bag
  • In addition to the jacket, there may be products of the same style and different colors in the lucky bag
  • Suitable for height 100 to 150 cm
  • Pre-orders are now open and shipping will start on January 1, 2021


Overseas Price

About $58.48(¥ 6,050)

3rd Place:Magaseek

The lucky bags on Magaseek, a well-known fashion, and grocery shopping network in Japan, is very popular~ selling many popular Japanese brand lucky bags including NANO UNIVERSE, SNIDEL, MOUSSY, and WEGO, and more! Their 2021 Lucky Bag Campaign Page will show you various categories such as men, women, children, and even outlet lucky bags! You can also find lucky bags with a price below 10,000 yen plus lucky bags with publicized product content. It is very convenient for everyone to shop~ no wonder it is the first shopping site for pre-ordering lucky bags in Japan!

Fukubukuro No 1: NANO UNIVERSE Men’s Lucky Bag

  • This lucky bag has 1 Autumn and Winter coat, 1 Thin Coat, 2 Tops, 1 Pair of Pants, and 6 other Products in the lucky bag
  • The picture is for reference only, Magaseek does not disclose the photos of the goods in the lucky bag
  • Available in S, M, L, and XL sizes
  • Pre-orders are now open, and delivery will start from early to mid-January 2021
  • One Lucky Bag Per User


Overseas Price

About $144.98(¥ 15,000)

Fukubukuro No 2: LAUTREAMONT Child/Women Lucky Bag

  • Magaseek’s Most Popular Lucky Bag in Japan
  • There are 5 products in the lucky bag, including Coats, Sweaters, Pants, Skirts, and Necklaces
  • The value of the lucky bag is approximately equivalent to $773.25 – $966.57 ( ¥80,000-¥100,000)
  • Pre-orders are now open, and delivery will start from early to mid-January 2021
  • One Lucky Bag Per Person


Overseas Price

About $106.32(¥ 11,000)


Women’s Clothing Lucky Bags


  • A brand tailored for old and fashionable women, with a simple and elegant style
  • Launch 3 women’s lucky bags this year, a flat price of ¥11,000 (approximately $106.32)
  • There are 5 products in the lucky bag: coat, sweater, trousers/skirt, necklace/kerchief. The value of the lucky bag is ¥80,000-¥100,000 (approximately $773.25 – $966.57)
  • Pre-orders are now open, and delivery will start from early to mid-January 2021



  • A chain clothing brand under the Japanese Aeon Group, with a simple cut design
  • Launch 2 women’s lucky bags this year
  • The First Lucky Bag is priced at ¥11,000 (approximately $106.32) and contains 6 products: coat, sweater, shirt, pants, Multi Pounch, small mirror
  • The Second Lucky Bag is priced at ¥7,700 (approximately $578) and contains 7 products: vest skirt, sweater, shirt, trousers, pullover, Multi Pouch, small mirror
  • Pre-orders are now open, shipments will start from the end of December to the beginning of January


Lily Brown

  • A popular Japanese women’s clothing brand, with retro design as the main axis, and is very popular among Japanese models and artists
  • he lucky bag is priced at ¥11,000 (approximately $106.32), a total of 6 products, including coats, knitted skirts, knitted pants, tops, bow tie scarves/belts/headwear, and 6 pullovers
  • Officially available on Amazon Japan on December 28, 2020, pre-orders are now open


Men’s Clothing Lucky Bags


  • A national brand founded by the well-known designer Minuo Ueda, selling simple and high-quality clothing at affordable prices.
  • Launched 3 men’s lucky bags this year
  • The First Lucky Bag is priced at ¥11,000 (approximately $106.32) and contains 4 products: a coat, sweater, top, pants
  • The Second Lucky Bag is also priced at ¥11,000 (approximately $106.32) and contains 4 products: coats, sweaters, shirts, pants
  • The Third Lucky Bag is priced at ¥5,500 (approximately $53.16) and contains 3 products: a coat, sweater, and a shirt
  • Pre-orders are now open and will be shipped from January 1, 2021


nano universe

  • One of the most popular men’s lucky bags every year
  • There are 4 choices of men’s lucky bags, and the style and color of each lucky bags are kept secret
  • The price is ¥15,000 (approximately $144.98), including 1 autumn and winter coat, 1 thin coat, 2 tops, 1 pair of pants, and 6 other products
  • Pre-orders are now open, and delivery will start from early to mid-January 2021



Children’s Clothing Lucky Bags


  • Japan’s super-popular children’s clothing brand, last year sales of 400,000 lucky bags
  • Launch 6 children’s lucky bags this year
  • Disney Children’s Clothing Lucky Bag is priced at ¥6,600 (approximately $63.79). It is divided into Toy Story, Rugged Car King, and Princess Series. (Each at ¥3,850 or approximately $37.21) There are 3 products in total including T-shirt, sweaters, and trousers, with a total value of ¥7,170 (approximately $69.30). The pre-order period is until 22:59 on December 25, 2020 (PH time)
  • Babydoll Children’s Clothing lucky bag is priced at ¥5,500 (approximately $53.16), there are 5 products: outerwear, 2 tops, 2 pants/skirts, total value ¥14,460 (approximately $139.77)



  • A popular children’s clothing brand in the Japanese Rakuten market
  • There are lucky bags for Boys and Girls
  • The lucky bag is priced at ¥6,050 (about $58.48)
  • There are 5 products in the lucky bag, valued at ¥12,000 (about $115.99)
  • There are jackets, skirts, tops, leggings, and other small accessories in the lucky bag
  • There may be items of the same style in different colors
  • Pre-orders are now open, and shipments will begin on January 1, 2021


Homeware Lucky Bag


  • Philippines’ beloved LE CREUSET kitchenware has launched 7 lucky bags, with prices ranging from ¥11,000 to ¥55,000 (approximately $106.32-$531.61).
  • The lucky bag has a combination of ceramic tableware, pot, frying pan, kettle, and other different kitchen utensils, and the size is listed
  • It was sold out when it was opened for pre-order today. Pre-order will be opened again at 13:00 (PH time) on December 28, 2020



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