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Popular Italian Sites You Can’t Miss! Italy Masterlist of Deals and Discount Codes

February 16, 2021

There’s a lot of Filipinos who wished to travel to Italy and Europe. However, it’s probably not the best time with the current pandemic. Instead, you can get products directly from Italy in the comfort of your own home in the Philippines.

On that note, let us introduce you to Italian Shopping Sites that are loved all over the world. Take this chance to buy your favorite Italian products from designer items, food & grocery, beauty, and more. Don’t forget to use Buyandship’s Italian Warehouse Address to deliver your bought-products straight to your doorstep in the Philippines.

Road to Asia Italy: Popular Italian Sites You Can’t Miss!

Sale Information Will Be Updated From Time to Time

⇒ Last Updated:02/16/2021 15:00
** All discounts and price may vary, the final price is subject to the original site

✨ Featured Deals ✨

Ita Boutique
High-Quality Clothing Brand For Your Kids
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Caramelle Terranova
Home to the Best and Exclusive Italian Candies
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Soreca Online
Leading Apparel Brand in Italy | Save 65% OFF
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Peiro Guidi
Home to Dynamic and Creative Italian Products
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Civico Nove
Popular Luxury Clothing Brand in Italy | Save 30% OFF
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Ungettable Sardinian Luxury Mood
Made in Sardinia For the Refined and Sensual Woman
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Please Select the Categories Below to View Deals & Discounts

Brand Description/ Products Promo/ Code Link
Try It Out Home to Fashion & Accessories Made Exclusively in Italy | Borsa Vanity Bag | Painted Giovi Bag Save 30% Click Here
Italian Boutique SRL Ethically and Handmade Italian Sandals | Vintage Cuir Strappy Leather| Handmade Franciscan Sandals | Handmade Brown Leather Thong Sandals Save 50% Click Here
Corso Italia Emerging Fashion Store For Men | Printed Bermuda Shorts | Piquet Sweater | Gabardine Pants with Pinces | Cerruti Coat Save 50% Click Here
L’angolo Calzature Best Local Footwear Corner iBn Italy | Super Varese Handmade Leather Shoes | Super Varese Lace Up Black Shoes | Super Varese Black Cendrè Derby | Derby in Black Leather with English Stitching Save 50% Click Here
Mindlessly Outside the Box Clothing Brand Made By Young People | Eye Graphic Tee For Women | Cat Graphic Tee For Women | Cool Graphic Tee For Men | Skull Graphic Tee For Men Save 10% Code: 10GiftCard Click Here
Dell’Oglio store Family Clothing Brand that Celebrates True Italian Style | Balenciaga Triple S Sneakers in Leather and Mesh | Givenchy Leather Bag Save 50% Click Here
Ascot Merging Classic & Modern Outfits For Men in the Heart of Naples | Highwaist Cotton Trousers | Patterned Linen Shirt | Blue Wool Pants | Men’s Solid Blue Polo Shirt Save 20% Click Here
Kamira Outlet The Best Offers of Luxury Brands | Gucci Orange Crossbody Bag | Dolce & Gabbana Embroidered Clutch Bag | Armani Jeans Save 50% Click Here
CAMA Srls/ Cover Story Shop Leading Apparel Brand in Italy | Albano High Sandals | Richmond Sneakers |Monnalisa Dress Save 30% Click Here
Genna Srls Genna For Jeans is Your Go-To-Shop in Finding the Best Brands in Italy | Logo Colorblock Crewneck Sweatshirt | The Perfect Tee | Dude Wally Save 20% Click Here
Mitarotonda Clothing Brand For Every Contemporary Women | Leather Sandals With Rhinestone Bands | Suede Slingbacks | Black Leather Moccasin | Open to Toe Leather Ankle Boots Save 50% Click Here
Fabi Boutique Creating Italian Shoes Since 1995 | Mundial Sneakers | Fabi Jesse | Fabi Flex Moccasin | Soft Calfskin Lace-Up Save 50% Click Here
Quattro Stagioni Best Luxury Outlet in Italy | Michael Kors Black Sandals | Burberry Black Polo Shirt Save 25% Click Here
Fastshopper Store One of the Best Shopping Center in Italy | Armani Exchange Black T-Shirt | Shiseido Synchro Skin Self-refreshing Powder Make-up Base | Emporio Armani Women’s Bag Save 15% (Code: SUMMERPROM) Click Here
Soreca Online Leading Apparel Brand in Italy | Valentino Sneakers | Valentino Sneakers White Calf Leather | Prada Bag | Miu Miu Bag Save 65% Click Here
Civico Nove Popular Luxury Clothing Brand in Italy | Stop Jacket From Closed | Doucal’s Moccasin with Tassels Save 30% Click Here
Pagliara 1848 High-Quality Bags | Sheepskin Travel Luxury Bag | Beauty Sheepskin Pouch | Black Knapsack | Brown Cork Backpack Save 20% Click Here
Cleovenere Gucci Red Bag | Emporio Armani Pink Bag | Emporio Armani Black Bag | Fendi Black Knapsack Save 30% (Code: 5P74XMGE) Click Here
Yayo Best International Fashion Brands | Prada Saffiano Black Bag | Gucci Jackie Soft Bag | DSquared2 T-Shirt | Valentino Stars T-Shirt Save 30% (Code: WELCOME) Click Here
Diamond Group High-Quality Clothing Brand | Evolms Women’s Shoulder Bag | Shielded Credit Card Holder | Woman Wallet with Set Rhinestones Save 40% Click Here
CapoSerio Top-Quality Luxury Clothing Brand | DSquared2 Cotton Sweatshirt | Low Top Phantom Leather Sneakers | Maxmara Reversible Coat | Moncler Puff Jacket (Discount Code: WINT15) Click Here
Andrea Cardone A Brand for Women with Neapolitan Leather Bags | Procida Bag | Ischia Bag | Li Galli Clutch Bag Save 50% Click Here
Lunatica Milano Fashion Brand Using Various Patterns | Midi Lemon Skirt | Gold Midi Skirt | Abstract Midi Skirt Save 15%- 25% Click Here
Italian Children Boutique High-Quality Clothing Brand For Your Kids | “Multicolor Patch” Print Girl Dress | Girl’s Elegant Dress with “Fairy garden” Print | Animal Print Teen Dress | Teen Jumpsuit with Chains and Roses Print Click Here
Veneto Home to the Best Handmade Italian Bags For Her and For Him | Red Clutch Bag With Chain Shoulder Strap | Pink Clutch Bag With Chain Shoulder Strap | Black Small Clutch Bag | Red Small Clutch Bag Click Here
Di Girolamo 1991 Revolutionizes Made in Italy Combining Tradition & Innovation | Leather Moccasin | Brown Suede Sneakers | Colored Calfskin Sneakers | Double Leather Buckle Click Here
Peiro Guidi Home to Dynamic and Creative Italian Products with Careful Approach to Italy’s Tradition | Backpack with Magic Circus Print | Clutch Bag with Magic Circus Print | Medium Shoulder Bag with Magic Circus | Tote Bag with Magic Circus Print Click Here
Leonardo Shoes 100% Handmade Italian Shoes | Men’s Handmade Classic Round Toe Loafers | Men’s Handmade Elegant Lace Up Shoes | Women’s Handmade Bit Mules Shoes | Women’s Handmade Wingtip Shoes Click Here
Pinocchio Store Home to Pinocchio Goods | Pinocchio Handbag | Running Pinocchio Women’s T-Shirt | Pinocchio Skyline Florence Men’s T-Shirt | T-Shirt With Print Click Here
Fri-Go Lifestyle Apparel Brand For the Free-Spirited People | Sun Model Shirt | Travel Model Shirt | Italy Model Shirt | Fluo Model Shirt Click Here
Manah Wearing Offers High-Quality Clothing Products in Italy | Manah Men’s T-Shirt in Black | Manah Unisex Black Sweatshirt (Without Zipper) | Manah Unisex Cotton Sweatshirt (With Zipper) Click Here
Ungettable Sardinian Luxury Mood Made in Sardinia For the Refined and Sensual Woman | Whole Cadoxene Obsidian | Cadoxene Whole Golden Amber | Shardana Whole Obsidian Click Here
My Style Man Offers High-Quality Clothing and Accessories in the Best Marketplace in Italy | Black Emporio Armani Backpack | White Emporio Armani Slip-On | Emporio Armani Sneakers Click Here
Starabian SRL High-Quality Branded Clothing and Accessories | DSquared2 Beanie | DSquared2 Baseball Cap | MSGM Pink T-Shirt | DSquared2 T-Shirt Click Here
Tim Camino Fun and Out-of-the-box Designer Items | Waterproof Tim Camino x Calimero | College Fur Tim Camino X Calimero | Big Sweatshirt Striped Tim Camino X Calimero | ‘It’s an Injustice!’ T-Shirt Click Here
Mascherine Italia High-Quality Italian Fabric Masks | Italian Flag Mask | Cartoon Print Mask | Italian Shaped Mask | Black Mask with Tri-Color Border Click Here
Aldo Gibilaro Luxurious and High-Quality Clothing Brand | Balmain Sneakers B-Bold | Dolce&Gabbana Green Devotion Bag | Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers | Jimmy Choo Stiletto in Logo Fabric Click Here
Mumi SRLS (Balleri Sorento) Best Ballerina Inspired Shoes | Light Blu Striped JK Ballerina | Milk White Canapa Slipper | Light Blu Stripes Sorrento Slipper | Black Leather Eleonora Ballerina Click Here
Gaby Collection (Yudy Style) High-Quality and Functional Innerwear | Breast Augmentation Post-Surgery Bra | Men’s Gynecologist and Liposuction Girdle | Liposuction Girdle For Women | Sheath For Abdominoplasty Click Here
Aline SRL Luxury Clothing Brand | Moschino Sneakers | Emporio Armani T-Shirt | Borbones Tote Bag Click Here
Time Square Soc. Coop. ARL Luxury Clothing Store | Gucci GG Supreme Backpack | Valentino Leather Sneakers Click Here
Pax Lux This Site Specializes in Lamps/ Accessories Made of Colorful Lapis Lazuli | Pax Lux Blue Lamp | Pax Lux Green Lamp | Pax Lux Red Lamp Click Here
Brand Description/ Products Savings Link
Foscaris Specializes in Integrated Candies Exclusive in Italy | Lime Flavored Candies | Ginger Integrated Candies | Candies Integrated with Aloe, Vitamin C, and Agave | Candies integrated with Guarana, Maca, Damiana and Agave, Mint flavor. Click Here
BringItaly SRLS One of the Best Italian Food Boutique | Linguine Bronze Drawn | “Cupeta” Nougat with Almonds Click Here
Caramelle Terranova Home to the Best and Exclusive Italian Candies | Sicilian Carob Candies | Sicilian Candies Star Anise | Sicilian Caramel Pistachio | Sicilian Cinnamon Candies Click Here
Rilevo Manufacturers of the Best Protein Bars in Italy | 2 Hours Without Hunger | 2 Hours Without Hunger with Sesame | 3 Hours Without Hunger | 4 Hours Without Hunger Click Here
Pastificio Milazzo Handmade Pasta in Italy, the Birthplace of Pasta! | 500 grams Noodles | Pappardelle | Tagliatelle with Chilli | Noodles with Squid Ink Click Here
Brand Description/ Products Promo/ Code Link
Firmiana Original Made in Italy Home Furnishing | Oval Wall-Hung Washbin | Round Wall-Hung Washbin | Rectangular Wall-Hung Washbin | Terra White Oval Wall-Hung Washbin Save 25% Click Here
Media line Europe One of the Well-Known Luxury Brand in Italy | Floral Bottle Couture | Black and White Print Bottle Couture | Black and White Cross Bottle Couture | Black and White Line Print Bottle Couture Save 10% OFF (Code: ROADTOASIA) Click Here
Bike Store Treviso Bicycle Specialty Store and More! | Ursus Miura Wheelset | Miche Supertype Wheelset | Miche K1 Carbon Wheelset | Elite Suito Roller with Travel Block Save 25% Click Here
Itas Home to the Best and Luxurious World Map Landscapes | Puzzle World Save 50% Click Here
Eglooh High-Quality Home Goods Made For Perfection | Desk Pad: Deluxe Black | Desk Pad: Ferrari Red | Desk Pad: Deluxe Orange Brown | Desk Pad: Black Leather Click Here
Agenzie Riunite Best Card Games From Italy | Ramino Double Deck | Batman & Superman Duo Pack | High Victorian Playing Cards Click Here
Idea Srls Credible and Popular Knitwear Brand in Italy | Non-Woven Fabric Filters | Face Mask Click Here
Antica Stamperia Carpegna Traditional Rust Printing Home Goods | Pure Linen Pillow | Sunflower Patterned Linen Apron Click Here
Modalyssa store Online Gift Shop and Luxury Home Decorations | Rivadossi Sandro Dessert Fork Set | Bugatti Diva Evolution Espresso Machine | Dessert Fork Set Luna Golden | Favor: Laura White 6 pcs Coffee Spoon Click Here
Fabo SPA Best Creative Tape Solution | Writable Waterproof Labels | 50 Meters Paper Tape | 20 Meters Repair Tape | 3 Ribbons For Decoration Click Here
Nakefit Pioneer to the Genius Product: Nakefit Soles | Nakefit Black | Nakefit Pink | Nakefit Blue Click Here
Fili SRLS (Collezione Casa) Household Linen and Home Accessories | Disney Mickey Sheet Set | One-Piece Magic Unicorn Pajama | Donna Loar Bathrobe | Tropical Double Bed Sheet Set Click Here
La Ceramica Di Elena Handmade Pottery, Ceramic Utensils, and Decorative Vases| Art CF-2 Dining Plate | Sunflower Dining Plate | Art.FV Dinner Plate | Art.SM Dining Plate Click Here
Maschere Commedia Dell’Arte Handmade Top-Quality Masks | Harlequin | Fox | IT Pennywise Click Here
Dynamopet Perfect for People Who Want the Best For Their Pets | Agility Medium | Dimmune D Medium | Dilsh Medium Click Here
Pax Lux This Site Specializes in Lamps/ Accessories Made of Colorful Lapis Lazuli | Pax Lux Blue Lamp | Pax Lux Green Lamp | Pax Lux Red Lamp Click Here
Iabo World Combining Fashion and Art Made Products with Unique Pictures | Iabo Shirt Combo Pack Click Here
Papier – Royal Handmade Marble Paper Specialty Store And More! | Italy Marbled Paper | 5 Large Marbled Italy Paper | Fine Marbled Paper | Marbled Paper Carta Click Here
Brand Description/ Products Savings Link
Dieghino Safe Baby Goods Shop in Italy | Portable Changing Table | Drawer Chest Click Here
BaKibid Bicycle Specialty Store Without Pedals for Children Click Here
Baby Cross Cute Children’s Clothes with a Wide Variety of Styles | “Multicolor Patch” Print Girl Dress | Girl’s Elegant Dress with “Fairy garden” Print | Animal Print Teen Dress | Teen Jumpsuit with Chains and Roses Print Click Here

Notes To Keep In Mind When You’re Using Buyandship’s Warehouse Address For Your Online Shopping

1. Address filling format

Follow the steps in your dashboard and copy Italy’s Warehouse Adress to avoid any future inconvenience. In addition to this, make sure to fill in the Buyandship Membership ID in “Name” so, it would be easier for us to sort your parcel once it arrives at our warehouse.

2. Payment Method and Billing Address

Most, if not, some Italian Web Stores either/both accept internationally-accepted credit/debit cards and Paypal as the mode of payment. Please take note to use your real name and credit/debit card Address and upon the billing section to ensure a hassle-free transaction.

3. Declare Your Shipments

If the shipment is not declared before arriving at the warehouse, the warehouse colleague may postpone processing your shipment, and may not be able to issue the “Notified Shipment Notification” immediately, so it will be delayed until the shipment is received. So, it’s important that once you receive the tracking number from the merchant store you shop from, declare your shipment to your BNS Account. Click here to learn more about how to declare your shipment.

4. Shipment Size Restrictions

If deemed necessary, our warehouse will repack and replace packaging without prior notice. Every single shipment (Per Tracking number) must not exceed 55 pounds for Metro Manila and 20 pounds for Non-Metro Manila. If the single parcel exceeds the limit, please do not consolidate it with other parcels. After the parcel consolidation:

  • The sum of all 3 sides cannot exceed 99 CM
  • Volumetric Weight can not exceed 5 times the actual weight

Note: Calculation for Volumetric Weight: [Length (CM) x Width (CM) x Height (CM)] ÷ 6,000 x 2.2046

5. Prohibited Goods

Please read “Prohibited Items Catalog” before shopping. If you are not sure just send us a message on Facebook, Instagram, or start a website chat to confirm if the item is allowed to send. It’s better to be safe and sure, above all.

6. Where Can I Find More Information on Buyandship’s Online Shopping and Shipping?

Other than our Website, Facebook Page, Instagram, we have a community in our FB group where we post all of the latest deals and updates regarding Buyandship. You can also share with our members your shopping experience and concerns regarding Buyandship or overseas shopping in general. Join us if you wanted a community to relate to or vent out to; we’ll be waiting for you!

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Note: We hope you loved the brands we recommended! We just wanted to clarify that the discounts are accurate as stated in the time of publication. We do not own any of the pictures or products, all credits are due to the sites mentioned above.

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