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Buyandship Philippines Reviews & Testimonials by Category | What People Are Saying About Us

March 22, 2021


One of the most googled Buyandship PH questions is we are a legit service company. And what better way to prove that through Buyandship Reviews and Testimonials written and published by our ACTUAL members. Check out what they are saying about our service and don’t forget to join our Official FB Group with around 2,000 testimonials! Whether you’re looking for product and brand inspiration for your next overseas online shopping or simply want to verify our legitimacy before trying our service: we have an active community to support and guide you through the whole BNS Process. Check out a few of our favorite testimonials below!


How to Browse And Check For All BNS Reviews


Check out the tutorial graphic we did below on how to select the Testimonial Topic Tag, both on desktop and mobile phones. Visit our Official FB Group, simply click on the tab referenced below, and voila! It will only show you all of the testimonials our members have posted. This could solve most of your inquiries such as estimated shipping time from a certain store or a certain courier; is this item allowed or not; what is the weight of this certain product, and a whole lot more~




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