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How to Add Buyandship Shipping Addresses: Amazon US, UK, JP, CA, AU, and IT

March 23, 2021



Below is a tutorial on how you can add Buyandship’s shipping addresses with your existing Amazon account and go online shopping in Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Japan, Amazon Canada, Amazon Australia, and Amazon Italy! Why shop only in Amazon US, when you can shop in more Amazon countries with BNS! Here is a step by step below:


 Step 01: Okay, first things first, go to Amazon’s Landing Page



➡️ Visit Amazon’s Landing Page HERE


Step 02: Sign Up or Log in to Your Account



If you have an Amazon account already, just Log in to your existing account. If you don’t have an Amazon Account yet, simply fill up the needed details to create an account.



Step 03: Under Your Account, Go to “Your Addresses”




Click on Your Account, scroll down a bit and you’ll see a section that says Ordering and Shopping Preferences, under that you’ll find the Your Addresses tab, simply click on that.



Step 04: Add Buyandship’s US, UK, JP, CA, AU, and IT Warehouse Addresses to Your Amazon Address Book



How to add your shipping addresses? Go to your Buyandship dashboard. Once you’re there click on the Overseas Warehouse Addresses section and simply copy your US, UK, JP, CA, AU, and IT Shipping Addresses…………..




……………and paste it to the Amazon Addresses Page.



Once you’ve completed the needed details, just click Add Address and move on to the next country.



As you can see on the screenshot above, we added 6 addresses namely US, UK, JP, CA, AU, and IT addresses.


Step 05: Go to Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Japan, Amazon Canada, Amazon Australia, and Amazon Italy to Shop Your Favorite Products


Note #1: You need to go to that specific Amazon country site to shop. Visit Amazon country sites below: 

👉 Amazon US

👉 Amazon UK

👉 Amazon Japan

👉 Amazon Italy

👉 Amazon Canada

👉 Amazon Australia

Tip: For Amazon Italy, google translate! 🙂

Note #2: Your billing address is your credit card address, DO NOT use your shipping address as your billing address, it may disable your account.  



For a guide on how to buy your favorite products from Amazon US to your doorstep in the Philippines, click on the tutorial below:





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