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Adventures at Home: Virtual Travel to Canada’s Landmark and Must-Buy Canada Souvenirs

April 16, 2021



In need of a quick adventure fix while self-isolating? We got you covered! Immerse yourself in cultural experiences across Canada! Here are CA’s popular landmarks where travelers can tour without actually leaving the couch. And since (virtual) tours cannot be completed without buying souvenirs, we also list down 5 Must-Buy Canadian Goods You Need to Score Online via BNS. Enjoy!


Virtual Travel to Canada’s Landmark and Must-Buy Souvenirs


🇨🇦 Virtual Travel: Canada’s Popular Landmark 🇨🇦


Canada is famous for its unspoiled vast nature. An abundance of natural wonders attracts millions of tourists every year. However, the Canadian towns also have a distinctive vibe about them. We know we can’t travel yet because of the pandemic but just in case you need to feed your inner wanderlust, may we interest you with some virtual travel? Check out these five great and most recognizable landmarks in Canada at home with Buyandship PH!



1. Banff 

Embedded in the middle of National Park and surrounded by a mountainous landscape. The town is a popular tourist attraction, providing plenty of picturesque sites and activities, that include climbing, skiing, cycling, and more. Meanwhile, Banff Avenue is at the heart of the town. It features numerous cafes, restaurants, shops, and museums. The main street features historic architecture, which is interesting to explore.

Why go there? Various all year round activities; a beautiful avenue in the center of the town, which provides a romantic night out.



2. Niagara Falls

The most famous falls mark the border between Canada and the USA. The natural wonder is made of three falls, that is sprawled in the Canadian and American territories. The waterfall attracts millions of tourists every year. It also serves as a source of hydroelectric power due to the incredible volume of water, that drops with immense power.

Why go there? One of the greatest waterfalls in the world, with a comfortable viewpoint.



3. Haffner Creek

Photo by Paul Zizka

Found in Kootenay National Park, which is a wonderful unspoiled oasis, a World Heritage Site, that attracts hikers, climbers, and photographers. Haffner Creek is especially compelling for the adrenaline lovers: its steep rocky walls challenge even the most experienced climbers. The visitors are also tempted by the stunning ice pillars and Caveman cave, which features huge stalactites.

Photo by Paul Zizka



4. Petit-Champlain, Quebec City

Photo by Anwar Vazquez

The beautiful city of Quebec gets covered in snow and decorated in thousands of lights in winter, thus becoming a desirable destination. Meanwhile, Petit Champlain is the most popular and picturesque neighborhood: visitors come here to explore the historical architecture, narrow cobblestone streets, and mural paintings. Moreover – it is the oldest shopping district on the whole continent!

Photo by Nicolas Bouchard

Why go there? The pedestrian street also features the Breakneck Stairs: built-in 1635 it is the oldest stairway in Quebec. Wonderful panoramic views open from the top, overlooking Old Quebec. Besides all the historically significant buildings, little boutique shops, cafes, and restaurants also attract crowds.



5. Mount Asgard

Photo by Artur Stanisz

An impressive mountain, made of 2015 m (6610 ft) high twin towers, can be found in Auyuittuq National Park. The name comes from Scandinavian mythology, where Asgard is the kingdom of the gods, while it is called Sivanitirutinguak by the Inuit. The whole park is a wonderful place to visit, for its unspoiled nature, high peaks, and enigmatic serenity.

Photo by Artur Stanisz

Why go there? Access is quite difficult, for there are really very few tourist facilities – only one official campsite throughout this huge nature reserve! 10-16 day tours are available both in summer and winter from Pangnirtung or Iqaluit.


Note: Original article was published on Pandotrip. Minor changes are made to match Buyandship’s blog format.


🇨🇦 Must-Buy Canadian Goods You Need to Score Online via BNS 🇨🇦


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