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Top 10 Product Promotions in 11st Korea and Tutorial Guide on How to Ship to Philippines

May 8, 2021




Did you know that the Korean online department store, 11st Korea, is one of the top popular sites among Buyandship members? If you want to try to shop in the store but have no clue where to start, we got you!  Check out the top 10 must-buy Korean products with a step-by-step online shopping tutorial on how to ship to the Philippines so, you can easily buy Korean products from the comfort of your own home.

In addition to many Oppa, Unnie, Korean makeup, or K-Pop Merchandise, South Korea has more famous products such as NEOFLAM kitchenware, LANEIGE Cosmetic, and more! Bookmark this page immediately if you’re looking for popular products to buy directly from South Korea!



Top 10 Product Promotions in South Korea and Tutorial Guide on How to Buy From 11st Korea

Top 10 Products in 11st South Korea



Sappun Sandals

  • Korean girls’ favorite cheap shoe shop
  • A large number of new styles is launched every season
  • Most styles have multiple colors to choose from
  • Of course, you have to buy a few pairs of sandals this summer!




Thermos Foogo Sippy Cup

  • There are handles on both sides of the cup body, so children can learn to hold a water cup by themselves
  • Foogo’s styles in the Philippines are much less compared with South Korea’s
  • Choose a high-quality and beautiful cup to hydrate your kids!




Laneige Cosmetics

  • Famous Actress Lee Sung Kyung is their known brand ambassador
  • Laneige products are advanced water-based recipes for individual skin types and issues.
  • All their products are dermatologist-tested, cruelty-free, and devoid of parabens, phthalates, and harmful chemicals.




Baby Snacks

  • There are a variety of baby snacks produced in Korea i.e in 11st online store!
  • There are rice crackers, cheese crackers, cereal bars, fruit purees, etc.
  • Not only can it provide the nutrition needed by children, but it also gives them more snack options
  • You can find many different styles of Korean baby snack brands on 11st




Pognae No.5 Baby Carrier

  • South Korea’s Pognae harness can be said to be the “LV” in the mother world
  • Many mothers highly recommend this brand after trying it out~
  • The No.5 three-in-one baby carrier in the picture can be described has 3 uses or options: front, back, or as a cushion. Parents can use this directly from a baby to 36 months without any problem!




Memebox Cosmetics

  • Memebox gathers many popular Korean makeup brands, including its own brand I’m Meme, Pony Great God’s PONY EFFECT, Bonvivant, etc.
  • Many Korean beauty Bloggers and Youtubers recommend their products
  • If you want to keep up with the latest Korean makeup trends, come to Memebox to find products from various Korean makeup brands




Shiba Inu Shiro & Maro

  • Shiro & Maro, an illustration of Shiba Inu produced in Korea, is very popular among locals!
  • In Korea, they also have Pop-Up Stores to sell their products
  • You can also buy their Phone Case at 11st, and there are many phone styles!





  • SPAO is quite expensive in the Philippines but if you want to buy it, it’s available on 11st!
  • A lot of Korean clothes are not only simple in texture but also pretty cheap
  • Often launch costumes in conjunction with movies and cartoons like Harry Potter, and more!
  • Some styles are exclusive on 11st and occasionally there will be some discounts




Cherrykoko Women’s Clothing

  • Cherrykoko is one of the women’s clothing brands that many girls must buy in Korea
  • There are small fresh, ladylike, and casual styles, wear them in a second to become a Korean girl
  • 11st occasionally there will be coupons that can be used, and the price will be cheaper than the official website




NEOFLAM FIKA Kitchenware

  • Neoflam is the largest houseware brand company in Korea
  • Cookware and kitchen utensils are not only beautiful in appearance, but also functional
  • The FIKA series also won the 2020 Foreign IF and Red Dot Design Awards
  • The handles of the non-stick cookware in this series are made of wood, and the details in their designs are just perfect.


11st Korea Step-by-Step Tutorial Guide via Buyandship


Step 01: Choose the Language You Want

First, go to 11st South Korea Homepage.

11st has an English version, which is definitely an intimate feature that is convenient for overseas sellers! Just select the language you want to use in the upper left corner of the website, and you can easily switch.

Step 02:Register as a Member

Click “Login” in the upper right corner. The website supports linking Apple or Facebook accounts to register as a member. You can also register a new account with an ID and email address.

Step 03:Download and Receive Coupons

After registering as a member, you can receive coupons on the「Events & Coupons」 page, just dowload or click “Get It” to successfully receive them~

Step 04:Buy Your Favorite Products

In 11st, you can make good use of the search function to find the product you want. Generally, there is not only one product available for purchase on the product page. Kindly select “Domestic Delivery,” choose the option you want on the “Product” tab, select a “Size” if there is an option, apply or change the coupon if necessary and “Add to Cart”

Since the website may not automatically help you choose the most favorable method, remember to check for yourself whether the coupon is the cheapest before adding it to the shopping cart. After selecting the coupon, click “Apply”

Step 05:Check Out Your Order!

After adding the selected product to the shopping cart, you can proceed with the settlement. Remember to check again whether the coupon has been applied to the product price.

Step 06:Insert Buyandship’s KR Warehouse Address

When filling in the address, you need to click “Find Address” first, and then just fill in the shipping information sheet with BNS KR Warehouse Address from your dashboard in the “Overseas Warehouse Address” page.

If you are not sure, you can search for the address as shown in the figure below, and fill in the remaining information on the web page after you fill in the address. Remember to fill in the User ID in the name column for identification.

Step 07:Pay For Your Products

After confirming that the receiving information is correct, payment can be made, and 11st accepts overseas credit cards for transactions! Pay for your products and you’re done~ Remember to declare the shipment after the 11st shipment!

Step 08:Wait For Your Products to Arrive at Your Home in the Philippines!

All you have to do is sit, relax, and wait for your parcels to arrive at your doorstep in the Philippines. Enjoy your new Korean Goods directly from 11st South Korea!