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Protect Your Packages with Buyandship Plus

November 5, 2021


Let’s say you’re planning to purchase Apple products directly from the US (since we all know the prices are lower compared to the Philippines). Apple products have a higher risk of being lost or damaged during customs or delivery. Therefore, you can purchase Buyandship Plus during the parcel declaration process. 

In case there is any loss packageBuyandship Plus will give you compensation for up to US$52,000 (the free standard plan only compensates up to US$100). For the damaged package, we will investigate the claim once we receive a request. Compensation will be determined by investigation and you will receive up to US$100 of the value of the package and 30% of the delivery fee. 

So, remember to add Buyandship Plus whenever you purchase Apple products or any high-valued items!

Click here to learn more information about Buyandship Plus. 

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