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Calling All K-Pop & K-Drama Fans! 10 Korean Online Shopping Sites You Can Shop From

January 26, 2022

Annyeonghaseyo! What if we tell you that you can score your favorite K-Pop Merchandise and popular K-Products directly from South Korea itself? No, you don’t need a plane ticket to Korea~ Yes, you will only need your digital devices and Buyandship PH! Fulfill your fangirl dreams and start your K-Adventure with BNS Top 10 Korean Online Shopping Sites!

Top 10 Korean Online Shopping Sites You Can Shop From

① WeVerse Shop

Weverse is a fan community platform, created bySouth Korean entertainment company Big Hit Entertainment, that connects the fans worldwide with BTS, BLACKPINK, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, GFRIEND, NU’EST, SEVENTEEN, ENHYPEN, CL, and More K-Artists. It’s multimedia platform that hosts artist-to-fan communications and releases exclusive Merchandise for their artists.

➡️ Download WeVerse Shop App HERE

➡️ How to Buy From WeVershop via Buyandship PH

② The Ordinary | Deciem

Whether you’re a novice or skincare expert, you probably heard of Deciem~ it’s an umbrella site of good beauty brands. Being authentic, different, functional, beautiful, and sensibly priced is the few reasons why Deciem is changing the world of Beauty. You probably heard of one of their brands, ‘The Ordinary,’ and how it took over the skincare industry. The problem is, ‘The Ordinary’ products are quite expensive in the Philippines.

We found a solution for you to save big on these products: Have it delivered via Buyandship PH and buy it directly from Deciem KR or US~ Yes, our members either use our KR Warehouse Address or US Warehouse Address, either way is fine and either way can save you HUGE Money.

➡️ Visit Deciem Landing Page HERE

➡️ How to Buy From Deciem via Buyandship PH

③ G-Market

If you love all things Korean, be it fashion, beauty, baby care, or K-pop merchandise, you’ve probably heard of Gmarket. You can find almost anything on this South Korean e-commerce platform!

The Gmarket website comes in several languages including Korean and English so for easy navigating, make sure to register a Gmarket account using the English version. Take advantage of our South Korean Warehouse for more domestic market options and deals! They offer FREE shipping within Korea for a minimum order amount (or completely free sometimes) so be sure to look out for that.

➡️ Visit G-Market Landing Page HERE

➡️ How to Buy From G-Market via Buyandship PH

④ KTown4u

KTown4u is one of the Best Korean Online stores for Kpop Albums, Goods, K-Food, and K-Beauty! Their goods are directly from South Korea, their products are sold for a low price (sometimes discounted), plus it usually doesn’t take that long to ship either! No wonder it’s one of the most popular sites among our Buyandship Members!

➡️ Visit KTown4u Landing Page HERE

➡️ How to Buy From KTown4u via Buyandship PH

⑤ Aladin

Aladin (알라딘) is a chain of used bookstores that can be found in Seoul as well as a few other selected locations around South Korea. They have an online store that sells a wide variety of Books/CD/DVD/ More! It’s a great store for people who wants to learn hangul or practice their reading in hangul.

➡️ Visit Aladin Landing Page HERE

➡️ How to Buy From Aladin via Buyandship PH

⑥ Line Friends

Originally created as stickers for leading mobile messenger application LINE and its 200 million active users, BROWN & FRIENDS has expanded as a global creative studio based on its range of exclusive Intellectual Property’s(IP) including ‘BT21’– characters created in collaboration with worldwide pop-sensation BTS, and Supercell’s mobile hit game ‘Brawl Stars’, winning the hearts and minds of the youth worldwide.

➡️ Visit Line Friends Landing Page HERE

➡️ How to Buy From Line Friends via Buyandship PH

⑦ 11 Street Korea

11th Street is another nice website to shop from. It is available both in Korean and English and delivers everywhere in Korea (use your Buyandship Korean warehouse address to deliver to your home in the Philippines). Like Gmarket, you will find all the categories you can think of, with a large choice of items to choose from. For a nicer and easier “home shopping” experience, you can download their app on Play Store or Apple Store.

➡️ Visit 11 Street Landing Page HERE

➡️ How to Buy From 11 Street Korea via Buyandship PH

⑧ Interpark

Interpark is really famous in Korea, and is one of the go-to home shopping websites. Like its Korean counterpart, Interpark Global provides all types of goods, but the English website is more focused on selling concert tickets and K-pop goodies. You will still be able to shop for fashion, makeup and skincare, electronics, and many more. Interpark also has an app on the Play Store or Apple Store. Use your Buyandship Korean warehouse address to deliver to the Philippines.

➡️ Visit Interpark Landing Page HERE

➡️ How to Buy From Interpark via Buyandship PH

⑨ WithDrama.Net

Made In Korea: withDRAMA is the place to get your official K-Pop Goods such as lightsticks, albums, and so on both online and also offline in South Korea.

➡️ Visit WithDrama Landing Page HERE

➡️ How to Buy From Withdrama via Buyandship PH

⑩ YG Select

Every Avid K-Pop Fans know YG Entertainment~ Support your favorite YG Artists from Blackpink, Bigbang, Winner, iKon, Akmu, and more by buying their official merch from the official YG Store.

➡️ Visit YG Select Landing Page HERE

➡️ How to Buy From YG Select via Buyandship PH