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Why Should You Consolidate Your Shipments?

January 31, 2022

Paying for multiple international shipping fees for multiple shipments is such a hassle and super expensive! We mean, sure, some overseas retailers offer affordable international shipping fees, and some may even offer free worldwide shipping with a minimum order but sometimes you never really get to have either of these options. No matter which way, it is all costly all the same!

With Buyandship, this is something you no longer have to worry about. When your parcels arrived at our Hong Kong warehouse, you can choose whether to send your parcels individually or consolidate your items into one shipment! And the best part? You don’t have to pay for it, we have FREE Consolidation and Storage for 42 days.

“Why Should I Consolidate?”

One of the advantages of consolidating your parcels is being able to MAXIMIZE your shipping fees with Buyandship. Let’s say you have THREE shipments stored in our Hong Kong warehouse, weighing 1.2 lbs, 1.3 lbs, and 2.5 lbs, respectively. Generally, the delivery fee will be calculated based on your consolidated shipment, but do bear in mind id shipped individually, Buyandship will round to the next whole pound for the chargeable weight.

By consolidating, instead of paying for the weight for three individual shipments, you’ll get the added weight of all of your parcels which can guarantee less chargeable weight and more savings for you. For both DDU and DDP Pricing options, you can also consolidate your shipments and save around 33% OFF on Buyandship Shipping Fees!

For the new pricing, please note: If you consolidate your shipments from countries with different set pricing, the higher price will be applied to the consolidation fee. For example, if US and KR consolidation, the higher DDP and DDU rate will be applied.

If you consolidate KR and JP, then the DDP and DDU rate of KR and JP will be applied.

“So, how do I consolidate my shipments on Buyandship?”

Step 1: You will receive an email from Buyandship once your shipment arrives at our central warehouse in Hong Kong. Follow the link in the email, or sign in to your Buyandship account to access the Member Center.

Step 2: Go to Parcel Management and select “Arrived at HK warehouse” — details of your packages and their weight will be displayed there.

Step 3: Select which parcels you’d like to checkout from our Hong Kong warehouse, select the delivery address, make payment and you’re good to go!