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Buyandship Top Record Vinyl Players

June 20, 2022

Some music lovers feel like listening to digitally compressed music but there are some people who like EXPERIENCING music. The experience of smelling the vinyl sleeve, actually touching the record, putting them on turntables, and navigating the needle to find a specific part on the track is what most people pay for when they buy vinyl records and turntables. Interested in going Analog a try during these trying times? Check out the Best Vinyl Turntables we collated just for you.

Buyandship Top Record Vinyl Players

☑️ Kaila Estrada Approved: Crosley CR8017B-AM Voyager Vintage Portable Turntable

The clean, vintage-inspired aesthetic fits into any space, while the lightweight design allows this record player to travel “further than anyone, or anything in history.” Spin 33 1/3, 45, or 78 RPM records or launch the built-in Bluetooth receiver to transmit your digital music wirelessly through the turntable’s stereo speakers. This style is also the recent purchase of Star Magic Actress, Kaila Estrada.

Price: PHP 4,323.50 (USD79.95)

Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT-RD Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable

Cut the cord and keep the vinyl The at-lp60xbt gives you all the great features of the redesigned AT-LP60X fully automatic belt-drive stereo Turntable with the added convenience of Bluetooth wireless connectivity So you can set up your turntable in one room and listen to it in another without having to run a bunch of cables 

Price: PHP 10,761.42 (USD199.00)

Victrola Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Portable Suitcase Record Player with Built-in Speakers

The Victrola portable suitcase turntable is an absolute classic and loaded with features. Includes built-in Bluetooth technology to wirelessly stream music from any Bluetooth-enabled device, 3-speed turntable (33 1/3, 45, 78 RPM), built-in speakers, 3.5mm aux-in jack for playing music from any non-Bluetooth device, RCA jack, and headphone jack.

Price: PHP 3,027.80 (USD55.99)

ByronStatics Vinyl Record Player, 3 Speed Turntable Record Player with 2 Built-in Stereo Speakers

Enjoy high fidelity vinyl from a modern wireless turntable, simple controls and high-quality build provide a smooth listening experience with the ease of modern technology. One-step auto Play lets you spin your favorite music at the touch of a button, while a newly designed tone arm delivers clearer playback of your favorite songs.

Price: PHP 2,919.64 (USD53.99)

Fluance RT81 Elite High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable Record Player

Fluance’s RT81 High Fidelity Turntable plays traditional LP and EP vinyl records with stunning quality that achieves the purest sound reproduction. When you want the absolute best in music performance, pull out your favorite 33 1/3 or 45 RPM records, hook up your sound system, drop the needle, and immerse yourself in music.

Price: PHP 13,518.83 (USD249.99)