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New Feature: Declaration Reward Program

November 2, 2022

We are glad to introduce our new credit rewards program, Declaration Reward Program. You can earn 5 Buyandship credits of your shipment by following the below steps to declare your shipment with a correct product page link. (1 credit equals 1 PHP peso)

How to join the Declaration Reward Program

  1. Go to “Member Centre > My Shipment
  2. Click “Add a shipment” and fill in the info for your shipment, including the product page link of your shipment in the URL field
  3. Turn on the toggle of Declaration Reward infobox to join the reward program
    (If the link is incorrect or invalid, you will not be rewarded as it doesn’t meet the requirements of the program.)  

Each pound you shipped can get you 5 Buyandship credits which can be only redeemed for your delivery fee, i.e. the chargeable weight of your shipment is 10 lb, then you can earn 50 credits. The credits earned from the rewards program will have a 90 day expiry date. 

For details, please refer to How to earn Buyandship credits through Declaration Reward Program.