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Why Join the Buyandship Philippines Facebook Group Community?

November 7, 2022

Hi! Did you know that we have an active and growing Facebook Group community that started way back in 2020? Buyandship’s Official Facebook Group is solely dedicated to our members who want to learn about our service and connect with other Buyandship members regarding their own experiences and interests. Aside from 3,800+ testimonials from our REAL members, here are some of the few benefits of why you should join our group today~

Advantages of Joining Buyandship Philippines Official Facebook Group

#1 Engage and communicate with your fellow Buyandship Members

The first benefit and the most obvious one is, you can ask questions in the community and crowdsource. You get to connect and share your experience with like-minded people that could make your cross-border e-commerce transaction smoother and seamless.

Tip: We’ve been growing our FB Group since 2020 so if you have concerns about a specific site or feature, try using the search bar first. If you want to, say, know how to shop from Amazon, search the related keywords because chances are your questions are already been answered in the community.

#2 See REAL Testimonial from Buyandship’s REAL members

Whether you’re looking for product and brand inspiration for your next overseas online shopping or simply want to verify our legitimacy before trying our service: Joining our Facebook group to support and guide you through the whole BNS Process is one of the most effective research you can do. Check out around 4,000 REAL testimonials from our users since 2020!

#3 Get the latest news and deals happening worldwide

Aside from the content from our official social media pages, we also post exclusive deals and news specifically for our Buyandship Philippines Group Members. We also have a pool of active users who shares great deals, exclusive items, and shopping hacks on how to shop smarter abroad using our service.

#4 Earn Buyandship Credits by sharing your experience and joining #BuyandshipGames!

Another benefit of joining our Buyandship Facebook Group is we give out exclusive Buyandship Credits specifically for our members. We currently have an ongoing #BuyandshipPHReview #BNSRakuten Testimonial promo and #BuyandshipGame promo for you to join and win.

How to Join Buyandship Philippines Community

Step 01: From your Feed click Groups in the left menu.

To get started, click on the ‘Groups’ tab on your Facebook Feed. Please note that we currently have 76K members, this is the ONLY official Buyandship Philippines Facebook Group.

Step 02: Search For Buyandship Philippines and Click ‘Join’

Next up, search for ‘Buyandship Philippines’ and click ‘Join Group’ Here’s a tip: we use the same cover on our Facebook Page and Facebook Group, look out for that to avoid getting in on the wrong group.

Step 03: Answer Membership Questions and Await Admin Approval

Once you click the ‘Join Group,’ a new tab will automatically pop out. It’s a series of basic questions that you have to answer to get admitted.

Buyandship Philippines’ Facebook Group Rules will also be displayed in the tab for you to review and agree with.

Step 04: Connect with Your Fellow Buyandship Members and Enjoy Buyandship’s Latest!

Last step, wait for BNS Admin to admit you to the group and enjoy the community! Ask questions, connect with other BNS members, and enjoy the latest Buyandship news and deals worldwide! See you, there~

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