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Last 2 Days! Shop Kakao Friends South Korea Black Friday Sale Up to 96% OFF!

November 29, 2022

Calling all Kakao Friends fans! Kakao Friends Store in South Korea has always been a must-go place for many fans every time they travel to Korea with its cute characters and new boutiques. Browse Kakao Friends’ Korean official website, and discover a wide variety of cute merchandise on sale for Up to 96% OFF! The promotion will only last until tomorrow (November 30), so add to cart and check out now before the sale event ends!

Christmas Motion Toy – Rudolf Choonsik

Adorable Choonshik becomes Rudolph, the Christmas reindeer! There’s a pair of antlers and the iconic red nose on top of the head, and a red ribbon with a Christmas bell hanging on the chest, bringing you a full of festive atmosphere! Best part? If you press Choonsik’s left hand, it will play Christmas music! Bring home Choonsik, the Christmas Reindeer, directly from South Korea!

Dimensions: About 19 x 41 x 15 cm

Kakao Friends Price:PHP 2,089.47(KRW49,000)

Christmas Wreath Soft Plush – Ryan

When it comes to Christmas decorations, a Christmas wreath is a must! This Ryan-themed Christmas Wreath plush easily adds a festive atmosphere to any room, plus since it’s a plush, you don’t have to worry about damaged or falling flowers and plants~ Just hang this and feel the spirit of Christmas!

Dimensions: About 21 x 23 x 8 cm

Kako Friends Price:PHP 810.20(KRW19,000)

Refrigerator Vacreator – Ryan

Ryan transformed into a penguin friend to save the refrigerator country! It is an electronic refrigerator deodorizer that safely sterilizes and removes refrigerator odors. Place it in an airtight space where deodorization is needed and press the power button.

  • Press and hold the button for 2 seconds.
  • Eco mode with green LED is activated.
  • If you press the button again while in economy mode, fast mode with a blue LED is activated.

In addition to the musty smell in the refrigerator, it can also remove odors by placing them in a shoe cabinet or bathroom!

Dimensions: About 8.7 x 8.7 x 10.6 cm

Kakao Friends Price:PHP 810.20(KRW19,000)

Can Cooler – Ryan

Drinking with friends for a long time this holiday? A cool drink is essential anytime, anywhere~ Especially if you’re under the Philippines’ heat! Enjoy your hang out with the Ryan Can Cooler that maintains the temperature of your beverage anywhere!

Dimensions: About 7.5 x 7.5 x 17.5 cm

Kakao Friends Price:PHP 639.63(KRW15,000)

Sambypen Wall Light Box

Trendy alert! This “CATs” series of spring planting light boxes is a joint product with the high-profile Korean artist SAMBYPEN in recent years. It is handmade by the sign design company Oursign Seoul (@oursignseoul). Each lightbox is signed by the artist SAMBYPEN, and there are only 200 pieces worldwide, which are highly collectible.

Dimensions: About 40 x 21 x 5 cm

Kakao Friends Price:PHP 10,660.55(KRW250,000)

Note: Product prices, quantities, etc. may change due to sales, and everything is subject to its website.