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Get Up to PHP 455 Buyandship Credits When You Post a Review Testimonial!

January 5, 2023

Already received your Buyandship package? Great! Join in the fun and get PHP 120 Free Shipping Credits just by posting your testimonial on our Facebook group page or PHP 335 when you post your Rakuten Japan shipments! You can submit an entry for both promos for a total of PHP455 reward credits! Check out the promo mechanics below~

Post Requirements

  1. Product name and description: What did you buy?
  2. Product link: Share the link of your purchased products. (Not the homepage). If you want to apply for PHP335 Rakuten Promo, make sure to include the Rakuten Japan Product URL upon declaration.
  3. Price and price difference: How much is your order? Is your purchase cheaper than the local retail price? Or are those products not available locally?
  4. Product pictures or videos: Please attach INSTAGRAMMABLE photos or videos of your purchased items. Please refrain from posting unopened packages or photos that are too dark. Make sure that you highlight the items that you bought. (Photos and Videos must be taken by yourself, NOT from the website).
  5. Total Savings: How much did you save from your total purchase, including Buyandship’s shipping fee? Or are those products not available locally?
  6. Order number: Remember to write your order number at the bottom of your post for easy verification by our team.

Keep in Mind

  • Please remember to include the above 5 pieces of information before posting to be eligible for the reward credit of Up to PHP455!
  • Everyone has a chance to earn those points ONCE A MONTH. NO extra points will be given to the one who shares more than once.
  • Make sure you include Rakuten Japan’s product URL upon the Buyandship declaration. This is for us to properly verify your review entry.
  • Make sure to include the hashtags #BuyandshipPHReview for the regular Review Promo and #BNSRakuten for the Rakuten Promo Campaign
  • Someone from the Buyandship Philippines team will reach out to you on your post and you should immediately reply to confirm.

Terms and Conditions

  • PHP 120 and/or PHP 335 credit points will be added to your Buyandship account and they will have a validity period of 30 days. Points cannot be refunded in cash or transferred.
  • Rakuten promo is separate from this Review Promo, so you can get an additional credits for your Rakuten orders or a total of Up to PHP455 credits!
  • When members share the content, they agree to authorize Buyandship to forward and use the content on various marketing platforms.
  • Buyandship reserves the right to change and modify the terms of use, at any time, without any prior notice.

Want to see a pool of testimonials from our members? Get inspired and join our official Facebook group to see what other members are buying and/or interested in! We will be waiting for your #BuyandshipPHReview or #BNSRakuten review entries!