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Ways to Get FREE Shipping Credits from Buyandship Philippines

August 2, 2023

Hi! Looking for ways to earn some FREE Shipping Credits to use for your overseas shipments with us? We got you! You know how our clients are the most important to us and we can’t thank you enough for all of your continued support~ In light of showing our love back, scroll down to know more about a few methods that can earn you FREE shipping credits from us.

Table of Contents:

Buyandship Referral Credits
Buyandship Weight Rebate Program
Buyandship Declaration Reward Program
Buyandship Top Up Credits
Buyandship’s Buyaholic
Buyandship x Area 02 Taiwan
Buyandship’s Exclusive Coupon with Rakuten Japan

#1 #BNSReviewAugust2023

Already received your Buyandship package? Great! Join in the fun and get Up to PHP 1200 Free Shipping Credits just by posting your testimonial on your personal Facebook or Instagram Feed and our Facebook group page! Check out the promo mechanics below~

Post Requirements

  1. Product name and description: What did you buy?
  2. Product link: Share the link of your purchased products. If the product is out of stock, you may add the homepage URL instead.
  3. Price and price difference: How much is your order? Is your purchase cheaper than the local retail price? Or are those products not available locally?
  4. Product pictures or videos: Please attach INSTAGRAMMABLE photos or videos of your purchased items. Please refrain from posting unopened packages or photos that are too dark. Make sure that you highlight the items that you bought. (Photos and videos must be taken by yourself, NOT from the store or any website).
  5. Total Savings (in PHP): How much did you save from your total purchase, including Buyandship’s shipping fee? Or are those products not available locally?
  6. Buyandship Order number: Remember to write your Buyandship order number at the bottom of your post for easy verification by our team. Please Note: Orders placed within 30 days of the review date are the only ones eligible to participate in the event.
  7. Tag us in your post and include the hashtags #BNSReviewAugust2023 #Testimonials for easier verification by our team.

Promo Mechanics

  • Include the above 7 pieces of information before posting to be eligible for the reward credit of Up to PHP 1200 per month!
  • Share your Buyandship Experience on your personal Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok account. You are also eligible to win by posting on the official Buyandship Philippines Facebook Group.
  • Make sure that the privacy of the review post is public so, we can read and see your posts!
  • Make sure to tag us in your post and add the hashtags #BNSReviewAugust2023 #Testimonials for easier verification by our team.
  • Once you post your review on your personal Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok account, share the post on the official Buyandship Philippines Facebook Group.
  • Everyone has a chance to earn those points TWICE A MONTH. NO extra points will be given to the one who shares more than twice.
  • Someone from the Buyandship Philippines team will reach out to you on your post and you should immediately reply to confirm or else your entry and prizes will be forfeited.

Promo Terms & Conditions

  • The campaign period will start on August 01 to August 31, 2023, at 23:59 (PHT)
  • Share your Buyandship Experience on your personal Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok account. Make sure to include the 7 post requirements above to win the Buyandship credits.
  • Make sure that the privacy of the review post is public so, we can read and see your posts!
  • 1st Place will receive PHP 1,000 Free Credits while 2nd Place will receive PHP 500 Free Credits and 3rd Place will receive PHP300 Free Credits. All participants will also receive up to PHP 200 Free Credits per month, just by joining!
  • Winners will be announced on all of our social media platforms after the campaign period.
  • Buyandship credit points will be added to your Buyandship account and they will have a validity period of 30 days. Points cannot be refunded in cash or transferred.
  • When members share the content, they agree to authorize Buyandship to forward and use the content on various marketing platforms.
  • By participating in this offer, the customer states that s/he understands and is willing to abide by the terms and conditions of the event.
  • Buyandship reserves the right to change and modify the terms of use, at any time, without any prior notice.
  • In case of any dispute, Buyandship reserves the right to make the final decision.

Want to see a pool of testimonials from our members? Get inspired and join our official Facebook group to see what other members are buying and/or interested in! We will be waiting for your review entries!

#2 Buyandship Referral Credits

Involve your friends and family in online shopping abroad! We want to give you a great offer. Simply recommend Buyandship to your family or friends and get PHP 200 Referral Credits instead of PHP 50 when you invite friends to register and completed their first order via Buyandship.

After 14 days of the order being completed, both of you will automatically receive PHP200 credit points (each point equals a PHP1 shipping fee!) There is no limitation to your referred friends, the more friends you refer, the more points you’ll receive! Just follow these 3 steps:

  1. Log in to your account. Under Member Center, go to Referral to get your code and link.
  2. Send your friends your referral code and link.
  3. Once they signed up and completed their first orders, both of you will get FREE PHP 200 Buyandship Referral Credits.

This offer is until August 31, 2023 only so don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

#3 Buyandship Weight Rebate Program

Here’s another way to easily win Buyandship Credits: From August 01 to August 31, 2023, for every member order, you can earn shipping credits based on the total weight of your orders. Each eligible member will receive the rebate credit once, and it will be conveniently added to your account within 7-14 business days upon the completion of the campaign. Make the most of the sale events abroad and save more with Buyandship!

Weight in lbsThank You Rebate CreditsRebate Offer
4 lbsPHP 100Up to 6% Discount
5 lbsPHP 150Up to 7% Discount
6 lbsPHP 200Up to 8% Discount
7 lbsPHP 250Up to 9% Discount
8 lbsPHP 300Up to 9% Discount
9 lbsPHP 350Up to 10% Discount
10 lbsPHP 400Up to 10% Discount
11 lbs & AbovePHP 500Up to 11% Discount

Important Note: What’s the Total Chargeable Weight?

If you have 3 shipments, each weighing 1.5 lbs, and you choose to consolidate them into one order, the actual weight of the order will be 4.5 lbs. However, the total chargeable weight of the order will be rounded up to 5 lbs. Your rebate credits will be based on your total chargeable weight checked out in Hong Kong within the campaign period!

Remember, kindly provide ample time for your shipments and note that it takes some time before your shipments arrive in Hong Kong from our overseas warehouses.

Promo Terms & Conditions

  • The campaign starts on 01 August 2023 and ends on 31 August 2023 at 11:59 PM.
  • This campaign is open to all Buyandship Philippines members.
  • Eligible participants are Buyandship users with total chargeable weight checked out in Hong Kong within the promo period. Each member is eligible to receive the rebate credits once.
  • The completion date and time of shipment orders will be based on the system record.
  • Credits will be added to users’ accounts in 7-14 business days upon campaign completion.
  • Credits earned through this campaign have a 30-day lifespan.
  • The credits can be used to pay Buyandship’s shipping fee (1 credit is equivalent to PHP1)
  • All credits cannot be transferred to other member accounts and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • By participating in this campaign, the customer states that he/she understands and is willing to abide by the terms and conditions of the campaign.
  • Buyandship reserves the right to limit entry, amend rules, or cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend the campaign if considered necessary without prior notice.
  • In case of any dispute, Buyandship will reserve the final decision.

#4 Buyandship Declaration Reward Program

We are glad to introduce our new credit rewards program, Declaration Reward Program! You can earn 5 Buyandship credits by declaring your shipment with a correct product page link. (1 credit equals 1 PHP peso)

Each pound you ship can get you 5 Buyandship credits which can be only redeemed for your delivery fee, i.e. the chargeable weight of your shipment is 10 lb, then you can earn 50 credits. The credits earned from the rewards program will have a 90-day expiry date. For details, please refer to How to earn Buyandship credits through Declaration Reward Program.

#5 Buyandship Top Up Credits

If you want a smoother Buyandship Transaction, you can now purchase Buyandship credits and enjoy additional credit rewards of Up to 6%! You can receive credit rewards for a minimum purchase of PHP5,000. See the table below for the additional credit rewards you can receive at different tiers!

DepositRewards ProportionTotal Credit Rewards
PHP 5,0003%PHP 5,150
PHP 10,0004%PHP 10,400
PHP 15,0005%PHP 15,750
PHP 20,000 & Above6%PHP 21,200

You can use the credits for your delivery fee while shipping with us. 1 Buyandship credit equals PHP1. If the amount of credits is insufficient for settling the delivery fee, you will need to pay the difference.

If you are interested in this reward credit offer, please visit “My Credit > Top Up Credits” for the current rate of the rebate, how to make a purchase for credit rewards, and the Terms and Conditions of this program.

Contact our website LIVE chat to top up your shipping credits. Use this as an easy checkout solution plus get a discount!

#6 Buyandship’s Social Shopping Community: Buyaholic

Apart from getting shopping ideas on Buyaholic, you can earn Buyaholic points from shares, likes, and saves, which can be converted into Buyandship credits to redeem towards your shipping fees! Earning Buyaholic points is super easy. Shop now and earn a lot of credits just by doing these:

  1. Set up Buyaholic profile:1000 Points
  2. Create a new post: 240 Points
  3. Post being liked:10 Points(Max. 1000 points for each post)
  4. Post being saved:10 Points(Max. 1000 points for each post)

Repeated likes or saves by the same member from each post will only be counted once. Buyandship reserves the right to forfeit any Buyaholic points earned by unscrupulous means.

Every 10 Buyaholic points will be converted into 1 credit (10 points = 1 credit). Your Buyaholic points will be regularly converted to Buyandship credits which can be used to deduct the shipping fee. Our system will convert available points to credits every Sunday, 3 am – 5 am (UTC+8), automatically. The remaining points (less than 10 points) will stay in your account until the next conversion and all Buyaholic points have no expiry date. The credits converted from Buyaholic points will have a validity period

#7 Buyandship x Area 02 Taiwan

Sneakerheads, are you looking for the latest releases but the resellers’ prices are way too high? Not sure whether it’s authentic? Good news is, you can shop with peace of mind from AREA 02! It’s a Taiwan-founded online sneakers shop where you can find the latest authentic sneakersfashion items, and accessories. Many of the products on AREA 02 will go through an inspection to check for quality and authenticity!

Exclusive discount code: BNS2023 (enter the code at checkout to receive free shipping from Area02 to Buyandship’s Warehouse Address, usually worth NT$200. That means NT$200 savings!)

The coupon code can be used an unlimited number of times, even on discounted items. Please be noted that items must be shipped to our Taiwan warehouse and then shipped to Hong Kong. Take advantage of this opportunity to buy your favorite shoes now!

#8 Buyandship x Motobeat Italy

Motobeat is an Italian reseller leader in the field of motorcycle products. The store of Motobeat is born in 2005 in Faenza, Italy and soon became the referral point for all the motorcyclists in Italy.

Motobeat has built a stellar reputation based on its commitment to offering high-quality motorcycle products and unmatched service. With a focus on delivering the best price-quality ratio, Motobeat ensures that every customer gets the utmost value for their investment. Check out Buyandship’s exclusive promo code so you can save on your favorite motorcycle clothing and gear!

Buyandship x Exclusive Motobeat Italy Promo CodePromotion Details
Promotion TypeMotobeat Italy Promo Code
DiscountUp to 15% Off Select Motobeat Products
Eligible ItemsSee the Full List Here
Terms and Conditions Get Up to an Extra 15% Off Select Products from Motobeat Italy
 The promo codes are only valid for Motobeat Italy orders shipped to Buyandship’s Italy warehouse address.
Promo CodeGet Extra 15% Off Using Code BUYANDSHIP15
Get Extra 10% Off Using Code BUYANDSHIP10
Exclusive IncentiveIf you purchase from any of the products below and did a #BuyandshipReview on your personal FB/IG Feed or on our FB Group:

• Get an Extra 10% Off on Another Set of Select Products
• €20 Code on Every Motobeat Products! (Exclusive of items with over 20% Off Discount!

#9 Exclusive for BNS Members: Get Up to JPY1000 Off on Rakuten Japan!

An exclusive discount coupon for Buyandship members is coming your way~ Rakuten Japan, Japan’s premier online shopping destination, is offering Buyandship members a limited coupon for over 50,000 popular shops! Save extra during Rakuten’s Shopping Marathon and get up to JPY 1000 Off this August when you purchase using Buyandship’s Japan Warehouse Address.

Buyandship x Exclusive Rakuten Japan CouponPromotion Details
Promotion TypeRakuten Japan Shopping Coupon
Validity Period2023/08/04 00:00 – 2023/08/10 23:59 (JST)
DiscountJPY500 Off a single order of JPY3,980 or above

• Rakuten Japan’s free domestic shipping is based on the amount before the coupon is deducted so even if you buy an exact amount of JPY3,980 then use the coupon, you’ll still get free shipping.
Applicable ShopsOver 50,000 shops on Rakuten Japan
Terms and ConditionsLimited to the first 2000 eligible orders on a first-come-first-served basis
• 2 (two) times use per Rakuten user or Up to JPY 1000 Total Discount!
• Can be used in conjunction with Rakuten Points and before deductions are made
• Cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons
• Vouchers are only valid for Rakuten Japan orders shipped to Buyandship’s Japanese warehouse address.
• If the order is canceled, the coupon will be returned to the user’s account.
• The final terms are subject to Rakuten’s coupon page.
Get CouponClaim Here: