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Bookworms! Top 5 Online Shopping Bookstores Abroad! Shop Hard-to-Find Titles for a Lower Price & Ship to the Philippines

August 14, 2023
Bookworms! Top 5 Online Shopping Bookstores Abroad! Shop Hard-to-Find Titles for a Lower Price & Ship to the Philippines

Attention Bookworms! Do you ever look for books that you can’t find locally? Not just novels, it could be a best-selling self-help book or perhaps children’s books that you have been looking for your dearest ones. Whatever you’re looking for, we listed the top 5 online bookstores for you to check out! These online stores are based in different countries, from the US to Taiwan to Japan, so we’re pretty sure you can find what you’re looking for.

Shop hard-to-find titles that aren’t available locally for the best selection and prices! Enjoy low international shipping costs when you shop from overseas and ship to the Philippines hassle-free with the help of Buyandship’s parcel forwarding service!

Table of Contents

7 Popular Overseas Online Shops for Books
→ Barnes & Noble
→ Book Outlet
→ Eslite
→ Amazon Books
→ Kinokuniya

Top 5 Online Bookstores: Barnes & Noble


One of the biggest book retailers that sell millions of books online, find titles from fiction, non-fiction, kids, young-adult, cookbook, and more! Aside from books, they also offer stationaries, gifts, toys, music, and movies.

They currently have a 50% Off Book Haul select hardcover and kids’ books + Buy 1 Get 50% Off collectible edition! It’s a deal that you don’t wanna miss!

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Top 5 Online Bookstores: Book Outlet


Looking for books with great bargains? Book Outlet is the perfect store for you! With the purpose of making books more accessible to everyone, Book Outlet offers a wide range of titles as low as $0.99!

Get at least 50% Off list prices on brand-new books every single day! They add 100+ new titles daily!

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Top 5 Online Bookstores: Eslite


Founded in Taipei, Eslite is one of the largest retail bookstore chains in Taiwan. Although it’s based in Taiwan, Eslite offers a wide selection of English language publications and translation materials. Eslite has become a cultural hub offering a wide range of books, exhibitions, performing arts, and fine dining experiences.

Since the website is in Chinese, you can use the Google Translate page features to help you out.

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Top 5 Online Bookstores: Amazon Books


Did you know that Amazon starts as an online bookstore? The Everything Store houses millions of books, and we aren’t only talking about physical books, you can purchase an ebook and read them through your Kindle as well. Amazon offers a wide range of books from popular authors and series, new releases, and best sellers, all for a lower price!

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Top 5 Online Bookstores: Kinokuniya


Headquartered in Tokyo, it’s the largest bookstore chain in Japan and now has operated over 80 stores worldwide. Kinokuniya does not only offer books in Japanese but also in English. So if you’re looking to purchase any books from non-fiction books to graphic novels, you can check Kinokuniya out!

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