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Easily Shop From Weverse Shop Korea Using Buyforyou!

August 25, 2023
WeVerse Korea

K-Pop fans, unite! With the growing popularity of Korean culture, you can’t deny how expensive K-Pop goods are if you buy them here in the Philippines, even in online stores. Get the latest albums and merchandise to support your idols from WeVerse, where you can join your idols’ official fan clubs and buy your favorite artists’ official merchandise including popular K-Pop idol groups like BTS, Blackpink, TXT, Enhypen, Newjeans, Seventeen, and more!

Many of these K-pop goods are hard to get or not available to buy in the Philippines. Looking to save on international shipping fees? Shop from Weverse Korea and ship directly to the Philippines hassle-free with the help of Buyandship’s Proxy Shopping Service called Buyforyou! Check out the popular products you can get on Weverse and follow our guide on how to shop below!

Table of Contents:

Popular Idols & Merchandise to Shop from Weverse KR
How to Shop From WeVerse Shop Korea & Ship to the Philippines via Buyforyou?

Shop BTS merch from Weverse

1. BTS

If you’re a fan of BTS, you can shop official BTS merchandise on Weverse including photo cards, posters, exclusive albums, tour merchandise, and even apparel!

Since BTS is extremely popular worldwide and stock releases are often limited, items are mostly required to pre-order and will be shipped during a specified period of dates.

V (BTS) ‘Layover’ (Set)

Pre-order V’s new album set now and get 1 unreleased photocard (random 1 out of 2 versions), 1 holographic photo frame, and 1 photocard-sized L-holder!

KR Price: PHP 2,976.25 (KRW69,700)

Shop New Jeans merch from Weverse


Bunnies! You can also shop official merchandise from New Jeans, from albums, key chains, and T-shirts to tote bags – you can find exclusive items on Weverse Shop.

Shop New Jeans light stick from Weverse


Designed in the shape of NJ Tokki (bunnies), you can customize this light stick and conveniently enjoy it with Bluetooth mode, concert mode, and color shaking mode!

KR Price: PHP 2,092.34 (KRW49,000)

Shop SEVENTEEN merch from Weverse


One of the most renowned and famous K-pop idol groups in recent years has to be Seventeen! If you’re an avid CARAT, you’re able to shop anything from cool apparel, and memory books to exclusive photo cards on Weverse.


Don’t miss out on this SEVENTEEN selfie photo set! You’ll get 10 random rare selfies out of 52, just like real photos!

KR Price: PHP 2,220.44 (KRW52,000)

Shop TXT merch from Weverse


Known as TXT, the group consists of 5 members including Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and HueningKai. Show your love to the group with TXT’s official limited-edition albums from Weverse!

Shop TXT limited edition from Weverse


Only available to be shipped within Korea, here’s the limited edition of TXT’s Still Dreaming album! Including a photobook with 24 pages.

KR Price: PHP 1,904.46 (KRW44,600)

Shop Blackpink merch from Weverse


When it comes to K-pop idols, BLACKPINK has to be one of the most popular! At Weverse you can find a wide selection of BLACKPINK official merchandise from keychains, concert light sticks, photo cards featuring members, albums, and more!


Buy Stella ver. (SET) and get 2 Weverse Shop exclusive unreleased BLACKPINK Polaroid photos (random 2 out of 4 versions)!

KR Price: PHP 1,639.71 (KRW38,400)

Shop Blackpink pouch from Weverse


Made with cotton, this little pink pouch features BP’s song “Pink Venom” and is perfect to store any small essentials like makeup.

KR Price: PHP555.11 (KRW13,000)

💡 Note: Product prices, quantities, etc. may change due to sales. All are subject to change. We do not own any of the pictures above nor affiliated with the brands mentioned. All credits are due to all of the brands featured in the article unless otherwise specified.

How to Shop WeVerse Korea & Ship to the Philippines via Buyforyou?

Step 01: Go to WeVerse Shop and Browse What You Want to Shop

First things first, go to WeVerse Shop and browse the item you want us to buy via Buyforyou. You can either browse on their official website or download their app for easier use.

Step 02: Go to Buyforyou

Once you have a product in mind, go to your Buyandship Account and go to the “Buyforyou” Tab. You can also access this in your member center by toggling your cursor on the My Account section.

Once you’re in, click to add a new request then select United States.

Please note: Currently, this service is only available in Taiwan, Canada, the United States, Japan, China, South Korea, and Hong Kong.

Walmart via Buyforyou Step 02: Go to Buyforyou
Walmart via Buyforyou Step 03: Fill in the Details and Submit a Request

Step 03: Fill in the Details and Submit a Request

Go back to the site you want us to shop from, and fill in the product details. Double-check your request, hit confirm, and that’s it! We will be back shortly in 1-2 working days to reply with a quote!

Step 04: Check and Pay your request

You will be notified by email once the request is confirmed and ready to pay. Please check your request details before making payment. You are strongly advised to settle the payment as soon as possible to prevent stockouts of requested items.

Walmart via Buyforyou Step 04: Check and Pay your request

Step 05: Consolidate Your Shipments & Collect Your order

After purchase, your items will be automatically sent to the Buyandship’s overseas warehouse address you selected (No need to declare your shipment, we will declare for you), and then forwarded to our Hong Kong warehouse.

After you receive an email notification regarding the shipment consolidation, you can consolidate your items, select your delivery address, and pay the delivery fee, just like the normal Buyandship process.