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Ways to Get FREE Shipping Credits from Buyandship Philippines

November 8, 2023

Hi! Looking for ways to earn some FREE Shipping Credits to use for your overseas shipments with us? We got you! You know how our clients are the most important to us and we can’t thank you enough for all of your continued support~ In light of showing our love back, scroll down to know more about a few methods that can earn you FREE shipping credits from us.

Ways to Earn FREE Buyandship Shipping Credits

#1 Buyandship Review Campaign

Already received your Buyandship package? Great! Join in the fun and get Up to PHP 5,050 Free Shipping Credits just by posting your testimonial on your Facebook page, our Facebook group, Instagram feed, and/or TikTok feed!

#2 Buyandship Sign Up Increase

Sign up and mobile verify your Buyandship account and get PHP 310 in sign-up credits instead of the usual PHP 50 – That’s 50% Off Your 1st Pound! Tell your friends and family about our BIGGEST sign-up promo yet!

Promo Period: Until January 3, 2024
Free Credits: PHP 310 or 50% Off your 1st pound!

#3 Buyandship Referral Increase

When your friend signs up using your invitation link and completes their first shipment order, both of you will receive PHP 200 in credits, instead of the usual PHP 50. You can use these credits for your next orders, making your international shopping experience even better.

Promo Period: November 01 – 30, 2023
Free Credits: PHP 200 For You & Your Friend

#4 Declaration Reward Program

You can earn 5 Buyandship credits for your shipment by declaring your shipment with a correct product page link! Just toggle on the Declaration Reward infobox to join the reward program.

Free Credits: PHP 5 Credits Per Shipment

#5 Buyandship Top-Up Credits

You can now purchase Buyandship credits and enjoy additional credit rewards of Up to 6%! You can receive credit rewards for a minimum purchase of PHP5,000! Load your Buyandship credits with GCash, Maya, GrabPay, or Paypal!

#6 Buyaholic Social Community

Get Product Reviews and Shopping Ideas, and Earn Credits! See what other members have shared about their overseas shopping and buy the exact same product with one click! Get all the detailed information you need including the price paid, the price difference they’ve saved, and purchase links.

Buyandship Parcel Forwarding Service: Simple to Use

Buyandship Parcel Forwarding Service: Simple to Use

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