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Shop From Hong Kong and Ship to the Philippines

March 4, 2024

Ready to turn your shopping dreams into reality, right from the comfort of your home in the Philippines? Say hello to Buyandship, your ultimate shopping sidekick! Picture this: You spot the trendiest goodies from Hong Kong’s hottest stores, click to order, and voila! Buyandship swoops in to handle the rest. No more shipping headaches or fretting over global delivery logistics. With Buyandship, it’s all about making your global shopping as easy as shopping locally, bringing the best of Hong Kong straight to your doorstep in the Philippines. So why wait? Let’s shop ’til we drop!

What Our Members Bought From Hong Kong!

Apple Gadgets

Apple gadgets, especially those from Hong Kong, are among the top-selling items in Buyandship’s history. Every year, when Apple releases its latest products, they create quite a stir among our members. Besides offering great savings, Hong Kong variants often come with additional perks, like the dual SIM slot in the latest Apple iPhone 15, unlike the US variant, which only supports eSIM.

Estimated Shipping Weight: 2 lbs (PHP 1140 DDP)
Buyandship Member Savings: Over PHP 9,000
Buyandship Member Total Cost: PHP 76,022.5

Sonny Angels

Sonny Angels, those adorable collectible figurines, have been flying off the shelves at Buyandship, becoming a fan favorite among our customers. Stumble upon exclusive designs or limited editions that are hard to find elsewhere when you buy directly from Hong Kong!

Estimated Shipping Weight: 1 lb (PHP 620 DDU)
Buyandship Member Savings: Not Available in the Local Market
Buyandship Member Total Cost: PHP 608/ each

StockX Sneakers

StockX Hong Kong is the ultimate destination for scoring your dream kicks, and Buyandship is here to make sure you don’t miss out. From coveted classics to limited-edition releases, StockX is a treasure trove of footwear fashion.

Estimated Shipping Weight: 4 lbs (PHP 1,760 DDU)
Buyandship Member Savings: PHP 2,500
Buyandship Member Total Cost: PHP 6,453.95

How to Shop from Hong Kong and Ship to the Philippines via Buyandship

Whether it’s to score a limited edition item or save money, Buyandship EMPOWERS you to expand your online shopping game and buy products from any of our 13 locations worldwide: US, UK, JP, KR, HK, CH, CA, TW, AU, IT, and TH. You’re no longer limited to buying from local shopping platforms like Shopee or Lazada, and you’re not tied to unfair and overpriced product listings here in the Philippines!

How to Claim Your Welcome Gift of PHP 310 Shipping Credits

Step 1: Visit Buyandship Website, and click “SIGNUP” at the top right corner.

Step 2: Fill in your name, last name, and email address, and set a password. Click “SIGN UP” once you’re done.

Tips: We will update you on the latest status of your shipment by email, therefore it’s recommended to register with an email that is frequently used.

Step 3: Check your mailbox and click the link to finish mobile verification.

Step 4: You can also optimize your personal profile, and enter your mobile number to finish the verification. Click “Confirm” to finish the whole registration. You can now start to use Buyandship’s service! 

Done Signing Up? It’s Time to Shop Abroad! Buyandship’s Top Sites and Top Products

Hong Kong Top Products
  1. Entertainment and Sports Trading Cards
  2. Apple Gadgets
  3. Skincare Products
  4. Sonny Angels
  5. CDs and Vinyls
  6. Adidas Sneakers
  7. Crocs Clogs and Sandals
  8. Action Cameras ie. GoPro, DJI, Insta360
  9. Handbags
  10. Songmont
  11. Sasa Beauty Goods
  12. Anime and Manga Collectibles
  13. StockX Sneakers
  14. Fashion and Apparel
  15. New Balance Sneakers

Want More Global Shopping Options? Introducing Buyandship’s 3 Main Services!

Service #1 Buyandship’s Shipping (Padala)

Shop directly from international stores and ship to the Philippines by entering your unique member ID and choosing any of our 13 worldwide warehouse addresses as your shipping address during checkout directly from the country-origin of the brand you want to buy!

💡 Authentic as Direct to the Brand. Requires Declaration. Free Consolidation. Door-to-door Delivery.

Service #2 Proxy Service | Buyforyou (Padala)

Want us to buy something for you? We got you! Your personal shopping assistant is here! Request any item you want by entering the product link and simply wait for a quote!

💡 Authentic as Direct to the Brand. No Need to Declare. Just wait for the notification when it is “Ready for Consolidation” in Hong Kong and checkout as normal.

Service #3 Express Checkout (In-House Mall)

Hassle-free and easy shopping in just 1-click! Just simply ‘Buy Now’ and check out when you see our Express Checkout icon!

To see all of the products in our catalog, go to Buyaholic and browse the categories ‘Deals,’ ‘Recommended,’ and ‘Deluxe’

💡 Authentic as Direct to the Brand. No Need to Declare. Just wait for the notification when it is “Ready for Consolidation” in Hong Kong and checkout as normal.