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Yen Exchange Rate Hits Record Low! The Best Time to Shop 25 Popular Online Stores in Japan

May 6, 2024

The exchange rate of Japanese Yen is at a new low at the moment, and now is the best time to buy Japanese brands online! Take advantage of the low yen exchange rate and shop from Japan for the products you want at the best prices possible!

We handpicked 25 popular Japanese online stores for you to kickstart your overseas shopping journey, whether it is trendy clothing or Japanese household items, we got your back! Save on shipping when you shop from Japan and ship to the Philippines hassle-free with the help of Buyandship’s parcel forwarding service!

25 Popular Japanese Online Shopping Sites

25 Popular Online Stores in Japan: Rakuten

Japan’s largest and most comprehensive online shopping platform, with more than 50,000 local Japanese stores, with a total of more than 10 million product listings.

Users from overseas can use Google Translate Tool to translate pages and use our Japanese warehouse to shop and save on shipping

25 Popular Online Stores in Japan: Amazon

Amazon JAPAN

Amazon’s Japan is one of the largest online stores in the world. It has a wide variety of goods in stock, from books, clothing to toys, with all kinds of new and quirky things which you can buy easily.

25 Popular Online Stores in Japan: GRL


An online shopping platform for women’s clothing that is worth buying. The pricing is mostly between 1,000 to 2,000 yen – you’re probably able to buy a shirt for about PHP300! You can find all kinds of Japanese-style clothing on GRL, whether it is sweet, cute, or mature styles. GRL houses an aesthetically pleasing wardrobe that you can draw inspiration from!

*Tips: American Express credit card is required for payment to prevent cancellation of the order.

25 Popular Online Stores in Japan: Beams


The popular Japanese fashion retailer BEAMS has been established for more than 40 years, offering a wide variety of products from different Japanese and foreign labels.

Shop items from men’s and women’s clothing, and accessories to lifestyle goods including home accessories, toys, stationery, and more!

25 Popular Online Stores in Japan: Daytona Park

Daytona Park (previously Freak’s Store)

Japan’s popular Daytona Park brand has long been the first choice for climbers, hikers, and streetwear lovers.

The brand’s clothing is mostly outdoor street style and adopts “American casual” from a Japanese perspective.

25 Popular Online Stores in Japan: Rakuten Fashion

Rakuten Fashion

Japan’s largest online shopping platform for fashion apparel, with a collection of more than 1,100 popular fashion brands including famous ones like Earth Music & Ecology, BEAMS, SISLEY, and other Japanese brands are all available. The platform often offers limited-time discounts!

25 Popular Online Stores in Japan: Asics


A well-known Japanese sports brand, and the first choice of sports shoes for many athletes! In addition to high-performance competitive running shoes, there are also fashionable and easy-to-wear casual shoe styles to choose from.

25 Popular Online Stores in Japan: Pal Closet

Pal Closet

Pal Closet has over 50 popular brands available offering affordable clothing in different styles – many of the clothes are priced under 10,000 yen!

You can shop Japanese brands such as Kastane and CIAOPANIC TYPY, as well as popular homeware and grocery shops such as 3COINS!

25 Popular Online Stores in Japan: Hololive Production

Hololive Production Store

Hololive Production is the official shop of the YouTube Virtual Powerhouse with the same namesake, totaling over 50 million subscribers, the site ranks 4th in Buyandship’s most-bought sites so far this month.

25 Popular Online Stores in Japan: Uniqlo


A Japanese casualwear giant that is already extremely popular in the Philippines! The designs are all simple yet minimalist, emphasis on the comfort of clothes with fair price points.

25 Popular Online Stores in Japan: Gu

Gu Japan

Gu is the sister company of Uniqlo that offers trendy Japanese clothes at an even lower price! Known for its unique and innovative designs, which combine traditional Japanese elements with modern streetwear~ It has become a popular choice among young people in Japan.

25 Popular Online Stores in Japan: Murai OIOI

Marui OlOl, 0101

A fashion department store that must be visited if you’re traveling to Japan! It mainly sells fashion, as well as furniture, miscellaneous goods, glasses, gemstones, and more.

It also offers a wide selection of the latest Japanese fashion, so if you want to keep up with Japanese trends, visit Marui Department Store!

25 Popular Online Stores in Japan: Nishimatsuya Children Clothing


A well-known Japanese children’s clothing brand, offering different styles including cute and elegant styles! The clothing is all reasonably-priced.

There is also maternity clothing that is comfortable and stylish for any mom-to-be!

25 Popular Online Stores in Japan: Porter

Porter Tokyo

Founded in 1962 by Kichizo Yoshida, Porter Japan is one of Japan’s cult bag brands known for stylish yet highly functional bags and accessories made with durable nylon fabric.

25 Popular Online Stores in Japan: Crocs


Crocs survived 2 decades, and are continuing to give us platforms, studs, tie-dye prints, and a lineup of wild high fashion collabs. Shop the latest Crocs releases directly from Japan and get exclusive styles at a lower price!

25 Popular Online Stores in Japan: Shop Disney

shop Disney Japan

If you love Disney, you wouldn’t want to miss out on its official merch! It’s best to buy official Disney merchandise on its official website for 100% authentic items with the best prices – you can even shop Japan-exclusive styles here.

25 Popular Online Stores in Japan: Muji


Muji Japan is a renowned brand known for its minimalist, functional, and high-quality home products. Their products are made with natural materials and are designed to promote comfort, efficiency, and a clutter-free lifestyle.

25 Popular Online Stores in Japan: Angers


A popular stationery grocery store in Japan, specializing in Japanese and Nordic groceries. Whether it is stationery or household items, everything gives a Japanese vibe. If you like cute Japanese stationery, be sure not to miss out!

25 Popular Online Stores in Japan: Belle Maison

Belle Maison

Anyone who likes Disney must know or have heard about Belle Maison, an online store. They have launched a variety of Disney home products, ranging from bed sheets, rugs, curtains, storage supplies, and more, and you can always find new styles on the shelves!

25 Popular Online Stores in Japan: Sanrio


Did you know that popular Japanese cartoon characters like Hello Kitty, My Melody, Pudding Dog, and Little Twin Stars are all from Sanrio? The prices of local boutiques are high, but now you can get them at a more reasonable and cost-effective price by ordering directly on the Japanese official website! You can also get the latest products here!

25 Popular Online Stores in Japan: Pokemon


The Japanese online store of Pokémon sells different kinds of game cards, peripheral products etc. The price is much cheaper than buying from other places!

25 Popular Online Stores in Japan: Ichiban Kuji

Ichiban Kuji (一番くじ)

Ichiban Kuji is an affordable lottery in Japan with a 100% chance of winning! Many Japanese anime and manga will release their exclusive Ichiban merchandise on it.

If you’re an anime or manga fan, don’t miss out on getting your hands on official merchandise at a low price!

25 Popular Online Stores in Japan: HMV & Books


HMV & Books is Japan’s largest entertainment online site for CDs, DVDs, books, Blu-ray, video games, and even official popstar merch.

You can shop official items of BTS, Seventeen, NiziU, Snow Man, and more of your favorite idols from Japan and South Korea!

25 Popular Online Stores in Japan: Suruga-Ya


Shop the latest toys, action figures, games, trading cards, comics, manga, DVDs/CDs, and more on one of the leading anime goods/video game websites in Japan!

25 Popular Online Stores in Japan: Line Friends

Line Friends

Are you a fan of BTS’s BT21 characters, Brown&Friends or TRUZ? Shop a wide variety of official merchandise from plush toys, and keychains to AirPods cases including those from exclusive collaborations!

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