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You Can Now Pabili Items from the UK with Buyandship’s Proxy Shopping Service, Buyforyou

May 26, 2024
You Can Now Pabili Items from the UK with Buyandship's Proxy Shopping Service, Buyforyou

Ladies and gentlemen, we are thrilled to announce that Buyandship’s Proxy Shopping Service, “Buyforyou,” is now accepting product requests from the UK! Experience the elegance of London and indulge in your favorite British goods directly from the UK, shipped straight to your doorstep in the Philippines. Easily shop from the UK with Buyforyou: simply send us the product link, and we’ll handle the rest!

Table of Contents

How to Buy from British Online Stores via Buyandship

How to Use Buyforyou #1: Send us the Product Link

Step 1: Paste the product URL on the Create Proxy Shopping Request page

How to Use Buyforyou  #2: Pay For Your Items

Step 2: Once product prices are confirmed you can pay for your items

How to Use Buyforyou  #3: Pay for Buyandship's Shipping Fee

Step 3: Pay for shipping fees once the parcel has been weighed and delivered

Top UK Online Shopping Sites Buyandship Members Love

Top UK Online Shopping Sites Buyandship Members Love
RankingOnline Shopping SitesWebsite Link
#1eBayShop Now
#2AmazonShop Now
#3Look FantasticShop Now
#4Marks & SpencerShop Now
#5Element GamesShop Now
#6AdidasShop Now
#7SmiggleShop Now
#8ZaraShop Now
#9WobShop Now
#10ASOSShop Now
#11Banquet RecordsShop Now
#12EtsyShop Now
#13Demellier LondonShop Now
#14DiscogsShop Now
#15Pokemon CenterShop Now
#16Palace SkateboardsShop Now
#17John LewisShop Now
#18HMVShop Now
#19IllumicrateShop Now
#20Water StonesShop Now

Buyforyou Frequently Asked Questions

Buyforyou Frequently Asked Questions
What is Proxy Shopping or Proxy Buying?

Proxy shopping means having an agent or third-party to help you buy goods from overseas on your behalf withoutthe need to physically visit the location.

With Buyandship, you simply send us an proxy shopping request by providing the URL of your overseas item, and we will help you buy and ship it to your home at a very low cost.

Why Use Buyforyou Service?
  • Shop from overseas retailers who sell the same item for a much lower price
  • Save up to 80% of international shipping fee
  • Access to exclusive or limited-edition products that is not available at your country
  • Hassle-free from overseas credit card rejections & language barriers
How Much is Buyforyou’s Service Fee?

A service fee includes a handling fee of purchasing your item(s) and proceeding customs clearance of your requested items, and varies by warehouse. Depending on the actual situation, we charge 6% of the item price as a service fee for the request, except for Japanese requests. If an item costs US$100, the total fee with US$6 service fee is US$106.

How is pricing calculated for an item request?

Buyandship offers transparent pricing with no hidden charges. We have listed the fees for every request so that you know the exact cost before payment.

In most cases, you need to pay for the item price and handling fee, which is the service fee, for your item request. You may also refer to the following list.

Item Price

  • The total price of your requested items
  • Local taxes / duties (if any)
    It is usually the sales tax imposed by the local government

Service Fee includes

  • Buying the item for you
  • Filling the customs declaration for item(s) in your request.

Other fees (if any)
Depending on the actual situation of your request, additional fees may be charged. Before payment, we will list the fees charged in the “Fee Details” of the request for you to check and confirm the items charged. 

  • Local shipping fee
    The default fee is 0. This fee will be updated if it needs to be charged.
    (This fee refers to the shipping fee requested by the seller for the delivery of product to our overseas warehouse, which means it does not include the international shipping fee from overseas to the Philippines. Buyandship’s delivery fee will be charged separately.)
  • Additional fees
    We may charge you an additional fee depending on the difficulty of purchase, such as a considerable purchase during big sales. If you have any enquiries, please contact our online customer service team.

The amount payable for the procurement service is the exchanged local currency

The amount payable you see during the payment procedure is the local currency (PHP) exchanged from the currency of the warehouse used based on a particular exchange rate.

Please note that the shipping fee from overseas to your countries will be charged separately, which means you need to pay the overseas forwarding fee for your shipments after your shipment order arrives at our Hong Kong warehouse, “Ready to Consolidate” stage.

This international shipping fee is calculated based on the shipment’s weight, and includes the delivery fee from our warehouse to your designated address. For details of the delivery fee, please refer to Pricing.

Limited Time Promo for First-time Buyforyou Users!

Limited Time Promo for First-time Buyforyou Users!
Submit Your Buyforyou RequestFrom now until June 10, 2024
Complete the Payment For Your Buyforyou RequestBy June 13, 2024
Arrival Date on Overseas Warehouse Should BeBy July 05, 2024
Applicable CountriesUSA, UK, Canada, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, & Japan
BenefitsQualified First-time Buyforyou Orders during the promotional period will receive FREE PHP620 shipping credits rebate that will be added on qualifying accounts by July 19, 2024
Important Notes– Buyandship shipping fees will be charged separately. Please refer to our Pricing Scheme for the charges.
– Additional fees may incur for hot / difficult-to-buy items. Please refer to “Additional Fees” for more details.

Terms and Conditions:

  • This promotion is only applicable to first-time users of Buyandship’s proxy shopping service in Philippines. Users must submit the order request by 11:59 PM on June 10, 2024, and complete the payment by 11:59 PM on June 13, 2024. You will be eligible for PHP620 credits rebate if any product in your order arrives at the Buyandship overseas warehouse by July 5, 2024 (Philippines time).
  • The offer is valid for Canada, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, The U.K. and the U.S. proxy orders.
  • Additional fees apply to proxy orders from popular stores, which can be viewed under ‘Additional Fees.’
  • Each Buyandship account is eligible for a PHP620 rebate one time only during the promotional period.
  • The PHP620 credits rebate will be added to qualifying accounts on or before July 19, 2024.
  • Credits gained through this promotion are valid for 45 days, with each point equivalent to PHP1.
  • Credits can only be used to deduct shipping fees, are non-transferable to other member accounts, and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • Once an order is created, the member understands and agrees to abide by the terms and conditions of the promotion.
  • Buyandship reserves the right to modify the content, suspend, or cancel the promotion without prior notice.